Christmas is the time to enjoy the festive spirit and celebrations. It is also a time for many others to sit back and relax. School children and college students generally have their Winter-Christmas vacation.

The elderly people of the family on most occasions take an annual leave. So there is lots of time to relax and read. Hence, this is the time when people take out their time for reading the famous Christmas stories.

Nothing is more relaxing than retiring back to your room and reading a book. This is especially true in case of our winter holidays. At this time of the year the weather too is perfect to spend hours with yourself.

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to read the classics or the bestsellers. On your holiday you can concentrate on old-fashioned Christmas tales. These stories would take you back to the yester years. Whilst reading some of the books you can almost have a feel of the Victorian Era. This is true incase you are reading books by Charles Dickens.

  • A Christmas Carol – by Charles Dickens
  • Christmas Magic – by Terry Boughner
  • The Gift of the Magi – by O. Henry
  • The Cradle – by Ralph F. Wilson
  • A Gift from the Children: A Christmas Miracle – by Donna Wallace
  • The Innkeeper’s Tale – by Ralph F. Wilson
  • The Night Before Christmas – by P.E Adotey Addo
  • The Doll and a White Rose – by V.A Bailey

These are some of the famous Christmas novels that you can read up on your vacation. It is a good idea to sit beside the hearth and read out to your grand parents and siblings some of the sweet Christmas stories.

These stories add to the festive spirit and create a general ambiance of happiness and well being. Arrange for a Christmas Story session after you have finished the prayers in the morning.

Apart from novels and short stories, you can also read up some of the famous Christmas legends. These legends talk about the ancient traditions related to the season.

Given below are some of the interesting Christmas Legends that you can read up. They are available in the bookshops. If you are not getting a book on the same, you always have the option of reading them up from the online resources.

Famous Christmas Legends

  • Legend of the Stork
  • Legend of the Three Purses
  • Legend of the Thunder Oak
  • Legend of the Wise Men
  • Legend of Baboushka
  • Legend of the Candy Cane
  • Legend of the Christ Child
  • Legend of Christmas Angels
  • Legend of Mistletoe
  • Legend of the Nativity
  • Legend of the Nutcracker
  • Christmas Stories Legend of Poinsettia
  • Legend of the Robin
  • Legend of the Rudolph
  • Legend of the Sage Plant
  • Legend of the Christmas Rose
  • Legend of the Christmas Thorn
  • Legend of the Evergreen Trees
  • Legend of the Magi
  • Legend of Santa Claus
  • Legend of the Christmas Spider
  • Legend of Christmas Stockings

Christmas stories would bring a bunch of joy and merriment to your celebrations.


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