Christmas is one of the most awaited and colorful festivals of the world. It is celebrated through out the world.

Christmas has many traditions, customs and Christmas symbols which are followed by people in their celebrations.

Christmas is celebrated using these Christmas symbols which are slowly and steadily loosing out on their value.

The use of Christmas symbols brings back the memories of the stories which you must have heard during your childhood days.

These Christmas symbols help us to revive the past glories of a Christmas celebration along with its spiritual content.

The Christmas symbols

There are several Christian Symbols which you may often use as a part of your decoration, or as token gifts and so on. Some of the Christmas symbols and their meaning are:

    1. The Fir Tree: You certainly love to decorate a fir tree as the Christmas tree. But the Fir tree too serves as a Christmas symbol. The green colored tree symbolizes the everlasting life and the light. After knowing its symbolic importance, you will now love to decorate the Fir tree like a bride.
    2. The Star: As we all know from the Biblical story, the star was one of the most important factors as it guided the three wise men to Christ’s birthplace. The star serves as a heavenly symbol which made the prophecy come true. It also marks as a hope for mankind.
    3. The Bells: For God we are all the same. He is the shepherd and we are his sheep who are guided back with the bell’s ringing when lost. The bell thus indicates God’s care over his children and his control too.
    4. The Red Color: The Red color symbolizes the immense sacrifice made by the savior, Christ. The Red color marks the sad diminution of goodness over cruelty to save the mankind. It points out to the most uneventful event as stated in the Holy Bible.
    5. The Candy Cane: This is a cute stick which looks like the shepherd’s crook, which is used to bring back the lambs back to their fold.
    6. The Candle: Candles symbolize the starlight which is used as a medium to express our gratitude on the birth of Lord and the guiding star of Bethlehem.


  1. Gift Bow: This is cute bow which serves as one of the Christmas symbols. It symbolizes the need of togetherness as all are tied in the same string of goodwill by God. It talks about bonding with all God’s children.

There are a few more Christmas Symbols which indicate some teachings from the Holy Bible. The Symbols serve their purpose as moral indicators which are followed since long and till today. The Christmas symbols are like imageries which tell about the stories which are attached to them since years.


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