The Christmas Tree, ablaze with lights and colors, has been universally accepted as the symbol of the season of Festivity, warmth and love.

Hence, decorating the Christmas Tree with all our love and affection, forms an integral part of the celebration of Christmas. Christmas Tree Decorations involve a lot of fun and frolic and starts one week prior to Christmas.

A decorated Christmas Tree with all the Christmas Tree Decorations and ornaments is regarded as the symbol of Birth of Christ. The Angles hung on the trees, represent the Angels who heralded the Birth of the Messiah. The Star, which forms one of the most important ornaments of the Christmas Tree, indicates the guiding star which led the Shepherds and Kings to the new born Jesus Christ. The small boxes used as Christmas Tree Decorations, symbolize gifts that were brought to the new born Jesus by the Kings.Ornaments for the Christmas Tree Decorations are of varied shapes, sizes and colors. These can be –

Baubles, which come in myriad colors of blue, yellow, pink, red and add beauty to the Christmas Tree. Stars and Snowflakes, in glass or silver, to shimmer up the Christmas Tree Glass Ball Dolphins, Angels and other glass ball items made of German Glass Ornaments. Miniatures of Santa Claus Cotton, to give the effect of snow Tinsel and Ribbons and Garlands Miniatures of animals and birds in glass .
Christmas Lights or Fairy Lights also form an important part of Christmas Tree Decorations. These lights can be hung from the branches of the trees, in between the leaves in order to impart glow and light to the Christmas Tree.

Candles, both wax and electric, can be generously used in order to give a traditional look to the Christmas Tree and also bring warmth to the house.

It is not always easy to decorate a Christmas Tree, as this requires a great amount of co-ordination between all the tree ornaments. So, it is extremely essential to organize yourself well in order to give the finally decorated Christmas Tree, the true look of the Spirit of Christmas.

In case you are decorating a Natural Christmas Tree, do not forget to keep it well watered. In case of Artificial Tree, arrange the branches well.

First put up the Christmas Lights. Then hang the Ornaments, the heaviest ones being on the lowest branches, and lastly, put a well chosen Tree Topper to give your Christmas Tree the perfect look.

So go ahead and do all the variations in designs on your Christmas Tree with the ornaments and experiment with the ideas of Christmas Tree Decorations, you got to know from 123newyear. Have fun!


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