When it comes to Christmas celebrations, Christmas tree is that one factor, which is always on top of the priority list. Christmas tree should not be forgotten in Christmas decorations. These decorative Christmas trees are brought in the home in order to decorate home with lots of lights and ornaments.

People decorate the Christmas tree with a Christmas star, candles, lights, tinsels, and garlands. The star is symbolic of the host of angels, the Star of Bethlehem. Generally, an evergreen tree is used as the Christmas tree and most commonly used tree species is fir.

History of Christmas tree: The Christmas tree is related with St Boniface and the town of Geismar. St Boniface once cut down one tree of Thor. He wanted to negate the authority of the Norse gods to a local German tribe. After a few days, he watched a fir tree growing at the root of an old oak tree. Although, the usage of Christmas tree as a part of Christmas celebration is stemmed from a more modern concept. Martin Luther, who wanted to protest against Catholic Nativity, initiated it. However, according to the official documents, the Christmas tree was used first in Estonia, in the year of 1441, 1442, and again in 1514.

In the present century, almost all the Christmas households and departmental stores keep a Christmas tree as a part of the Christmas celebrations. Christmas tree is decorated differently at different places. In the US, the United States’ National Christmas Tree is lit every year at the South Lawn of the White House.

Christmas tree is mainly divided into two types:

Natural Christmas tree: Fir, pine, and Spruceā€¦ these are the three main species, which are being widely used in Christmas trees. These trees do not shed away the leaves, when they dry. They also maintain a good texture and color for a pretty long time.

Artificial Christmas tree: Apart from the natural Christmas trees, you also can have artificial Christmas trees easily. These trees were developed in Germany in late 19 th century. But only after 1930, the artificial trees got huge popularity.

Some environmental experts raise an issue with the artificial Christmas trees. According to them, the artificial counterpart of the natural trees is more harmful for the environment as well as for human being. According to some latest studies, artificial trees can lead to some diseases as well. However, the natural trees should be recycled many times in order to use them for many years, which may result in severe pollution in local watersheds.

How to decorate Christmas tree: Decorating a Christmas tree is very easy once you bring down the tree in your home. Get a star, some candles, lights, garlands, and ornaments like ribbons, candles, Christmas bells etc. First, decorate with the light, followed by ornaments and garlands. Hang some candles on the branches of the tree. Place the plant at the foyer of your home. Decorate the Christmas tree further with Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones.

Christmas tress was accepted as a symbol of festivity since a long time and it also found its presence in different cultures to pep up festivity. The closest association of the Christmas tress could be linked with Martin Luther, who was the founder of the Protestant Church.

Christmas trees are of varied types. It depends on the nature – artificial or natural. Either of this tress can be decorated according to your choices. It absolutely depends on your discretion.

Natural Christmas trees can be:

  1. Silver Fir
  2. Serbian Spruce
  3. Balsam Fir
  4. Grand Fir
  5. Scots Pine
  6. Eastern White Pine

Artificial Christmas Trees can be –

  1. Feather Tree, made from green dyed goose feathers
  2. Modern tree, made from animal hair or plastic bristles
  3. Outdoor tree made out of steel wires. They are lighted with multicolored Christmas Lights and Candles

Ornaments used for Christmas tree decoration –

  • Silver and Gold Bells and Baubles and golliwoggs
  • Tinsel, garland and ribbons
  • Miniatures of Santa Claus
  • Snowflakes and stars
  • Electric Christmas Lights, also called ‘Fairy Lights’
  • Cotton, to give the illusion of snow
  • Glass ball dolphins and glass ball Angels
  • Snowflake Tree Skirt


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