Are you getting married in the snowy magical holiday season of Christmas? Christmas wedding cakes are the most exciting part of any celebrations. The excitement of Christmas can add to your wedding preparations also. Blend your creative ideas of cakes with Christmas cakes with wedding to make beautiful and relishing cakes.

The tradition of cutting cakes on wedding dates back to the Roman ages. In the ancient times, people used to cut bread loaf over the bride’s head after the wedding ceremony to bless the couple with fertility in their married life. Now, the bread has replaced by wedding cakes. This customary practice has continued since then, and now wedding cakes are the most important part of this occasion.

X-mas Wedding cakes

The whimsical elements of Christmas like Santa, reindeers, snowman and bells can create an amazing wedding cake to get the spirit of both the occasions. One of the very popular Christmas wedding cakes is usually three tier and vanilla flavors preferably in white. Mostly the wedding Christmas cakes are round or oval in shape but, you may also, go for other shapes.

Christmas wedding cake colors

Why to opt for the same traditional white color for your wedding? Think of something unique and pick for the different colors for your Yule wedding cakes. Christmas brings with it the gorgeous shades of deep red and green then why not incorporate the amazing colors in your wedding cakes.

Decorate your white Christmas wedding cakes with colorful flowers and frostings. Here are some of the colors for your Christmas wedding cakes to add vibrancy to the occasion.

  • Deep red and dark green
  • Burgundy
  • Emerald and other shades of green
  • Plum
  • Eggplant and shades of purple
  • Deep blue and shades of royal blue
  • Gold and Silver
  • Chocolate brown and coffee brown
  • Tints and hues of white and beige

Colored cakes can also, be one of the unique options for your wedding. You can use wrapping paper patterns for the cake décor. To get customized cakes your budget would be little hampered. You can make your wedding cake at home with little precision and creativity. Make simple cake base and decorate it with unique wedding cake decoration ideas.

Christmas wedding cake decoration ideas

    • Air brushing – Air brushing is very popular these days. You can give little touch all the colors you want on your white wedding cake.


    • Character – Cinderella, Disney cartoons, couple embracing and many characters are available with which you can decorate your wedding cake. Express you eternal love by placing two true love birds or cupids on your wedding cakes.


    • Mix elements – You can adorn your Christmas wedding cakes with fresh fruit and flowers and give it a perfect winter wedding display.


  • Drape décor – Use ribbons, wrapping papers, frostings and other drapers to decorate your wedding cake with elegance.

Christmas candy wedding cakes

Add some fresh colorful candies for inspirational wedding cakes. Theme your wedding cakes with candies to get a stunning wedding cake. You can add candy canes, orange slices, sugar plums, cinnamon, red hots, filled chocolates, peanut butter, red and green coated candies.

Turn your special day memorable with relishing and beautiful Christmas wedding cakes.



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