Christmas wedding ideas allows you to plan your wedding in a magnificent way. You have the full liberty of designing your wedding the way you want to. Make it as stylish, classy, and elegant as you want it to be. You can capture the festive spirit of the season by implementing some of the simple Christmas wedding ideas.

Christmas Wedding Dress

Getting married on the Christmas Eve does not mean you have to dress all garish in red and green. You can wear a long velvet cape in addition to your wedding dress. If you want you can also use a decorated muff in place of a bouquet. You have a host of choices with regards to the traditional fabrics. The most prominent ones are the plaid and taffeta.

Christmas Wedding Attire colors

Christmas wedding dresses both for men and women looks amazing in shades of forest green, white, burgundy, silver and gold.

Christmas wedding flowers

One of the most important Christmas wedding ideas include the usage of flowers and creatively so. You can opt for the white rose petals with red streaks. This is going to be a perfect match for your wedding.

Another creative wedding idea is to use pine, ivy, and holly instead of flowers. You can also opt for the poinsettias.

Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

For a bright and colorful ambiance, we suggest you the following wedding decoration ideas:-

  • You can have a series of Christmas trees installed with small white fairy lights. Alternatively, you can also line up the lights in a string behind the bushes. This can be around the chapel where you have your wedding ceremony.
  • You can get artificial plants and decorate your furniture’s with it. The touch of greenery would look beautiful in the interiors. These decorations are reasonably priced.
  • You can get hold of some of the attractive poinsettias and can decorate the marriage altar with that.
  • Candles make a whole lot of difference. You can customize the type of Candle you want and decorate the venue. Getting scented candles is a good idea as they lend the place a refreshing fragrance.
  • Bouquets and garlands are important. You can suggest a particular pattern like roses and orchids. You can also have various combinations for the same.

Christmas Wedding Music

One of the essential Christmas wedding ideas is to fix upon the appropriate music. You can take into consideration the following suggestions:-

  • Playing the church hymns in the background will add to the aura. If will create a divine sound in the background.
  • You can also arrange for a choral group who will dress like Edwardian and Victorian clothes giving the ambiance a total archaic feel.
  • Including hand bells in the music is also a good idea.
  • You can arrange for a choir group and ask them to play some of your favorite psalms from the bible.

To make your wedding a special one you can also arrange for some wedding favors and return gifts. Make your wedding special with some creative and interesting Christmas Wedding Ideas.


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