A season of merriment and exchange of gifts is Christmas. Your Christmas would surely turn more beautiful if, you are planning your wedding during this period.

Your Christmas wedding invitations should be designed and chosen very carefully. People might get confused with your wedding invitation as Christmas greetings.

Your near and dear ones might think it is Christmas card and may not open it till the Christmas Eve; they would miss your wedding in such case.

Ensure that all our friends and family people attend your wedding and turn your Christmas wedding the most memorable event in your life.


Christmas wedding announcements

Your wedding invitations wordings are very important. First make a check list of the guests and then, draft a wedding invite for all of them. Venue, date, time and dress code are some of the points you should not forget to mention in the Christmas wedding invitations. Here are few samples for your help –

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Luther
request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Marie Luther
Michael Harrison
on Sunday, the27th December 2010
at three o’clock
Sacred Heart Church
New Jersey

Another sample is a very formal invitation from the bride and bridegroom side. You would notice that, the date and time are spelled and not abbreviated or in numeric, this is because to write it in this manner is considered formal. Most of the traditional families opt for this pattern of wedding invitation.

Marie Luther
Michael Harrison
request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
on Sunday, the twentieth of December
two thousand and four
at three o’clock
Sacred Heart Church
New Jersey

Winter wedding invitations design

Designing the winter wedding invitation is another challenge. Opt for customized printed envelopes in which you can have themed borders with the invitation wordings in the centre. Another way of making the Christmas wedding invite is by getting it printed on white traditional thick cards instead of the folded cards. Adorn your wedding invite with Christmas themed borders like- red and green leaves, small Santa’s and snowman. Engraved wedding designs are also, very popular these days. You can get the entire wedding invite engraved with snowflakes, bells, holly trim, poinsettias and tem it up with red ribbons and tiny tinkling bells in silver or gold. Here are some ideas for Christmas wedding invite –

  • Use silver foil on dark red invitations and use some green spray on it
  • If you want the invitation in Gold then, get the embossed images with forest green invites
  • Dark blue wording on bright white and silver invitations would surely look awesome
  • you can also, opt for deep green calligraphy on ivory invitations, with a stripe of green metallic paper at the top

Mailing the Christmas wedding invitations is a very big task. Ensure that you send all the invites to your friends and family members well in advance. This would make it easy for them to get the arrangements done and reach for the ceremony on time.

As, it is winter wedding invite you should give the invite at least two months prior so, that all the expected guests can plan their bookings and join you on your D-day.


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