As the Christmas season comes near, there is a hurry to finish the pending office tasks. And it becomes important to think about the annual Company Christmas Party.

Holding company Christmas parties is not an easy task. It needs much planning and preparations to organize a Christmas party for the company. Here are some helpful tips for company Christmas parties for you. These will let you hold a successful Christmas party for company.

Ideas for company Christmas parties

The location

It is best not to hold the party within your office premises. Book a hall at a hotel or a big conference room for your Christmas party. Make sure that you do your bookings well in advance of the big day. It is hard to get venues during Christmas season.

The guests

Often, company Christmas parties suffer from low-attendance. It turns off many people to spend more time with their colleagues and boss. So try to make your party an enjoyable event. Invite the spouses and kids of the workers and clients. This will turn the party into an almost family affair. The invited ones will get the chance to attend the event as well as spend some quality time with their family members. Work with your colleagues and management staff to prepare a guest list beforehand. This will help you avoid any future problems.

Food & Drinks

Take care that you make arrangements for enough vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian ones. Alcohol is a crucial issue in company Christmas parties. It is better if you make your company Christmas party a no-alcohol event. Serve up a variety of beverages including fruit juices, cold drinks and mock-tails besides tea and coffee. Excesses of boozers can spoil the best of parties. It is better to have fun without alcoholic drinks.

Tips to remember:

Stay away from gossip of all kinds.

Remember that the party must end sometime. The remarks that you made during the party and thought so harmless could land you in trouble later. A casual light-hearted comment about the boss’ spouse or a client can cause problems in your career at a future time. Cases of blocking promotion or salary raises are also not unheard of. It is better that you do not engage in loose gossip and talk on general topics instead.

Include everyone

Some companies have a bad reputation of partying with select members. It harms the relation between the company and its staff. The company also earns a bad reputation in the long run. If you have the power to draw up the company party guest list, make sure that everyone is invited.

Show appreciation

Employees are going to love having some extra bucks during the Christmas holidays. Let the company acknowledge its appreciation for employees through small cash rewards. This is going to make the office members happier than expensive party drinks and foods.

Hope you will find these ideas much useful in organizing your company Christmas party. Have a grand Christmas celebration at your workplace !


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