The state of Connecticut is located in the New England region of the northeastern part of United States. It is considered as amongst the wealthiest and most developed parts of the United States.

Also, Connecticut has gained immense popularity as a beautiful tourist spot to visit, because of its stunning and diverse landscapes. The wealth and development it has attained over the years, is precisely reflective in the way with which it celebrates New Year. Connecticut celebrates its New Year in accordance with the Georgian calendar on January 1.

New Year Celebrations in Connecticut

Connecticut organizes one of the most amazing and splendid New Year celebrations in United States. Large numbers of parties are organized all over the town, in clubs, hotels, and discotheques. Also, various other programs such as live cultural programs, music concerts, magic shows, stand up shows, etc. are organized in which prominent magicians, music bands, rock bands, dance troupes, and various other artists of Connecticut as well as other places come, participate, and give entertaining performances. Among these, the magic shows remain in the centre of attraction and amusement for small children as well as young people. Different magic and juggling acts as performed are truly stunning and astonishing, leaving every inch of its spectator in awe and amaze. The whole of Connecticut remains in a total celebration mood during New Year’s tie, and one can find people enthusiastically celebrating in their houses, in party places, and almost every corner and street of the city.

Each of these parties is well planned in advance, and is presented sometimes after month long preparations. Most of these parties and shows go on floor on New Year’s Eve, and go on till the wee hours of January 1 of New Year.

Other New Year Celebrations in Connecticut

Other than this, local people as well as tourists also look forward to be a part of the skiing competitions organized during weekends in the beautiful valleys and mountains of Connecticut. One highlighting aspect of New Year celebrations in Connecticut is the traditional Connecticut Opera organized during the time of the New Year, which draw people from far off places. The soothing opera music presented by the orchestra at Connecticut Opera witnesses a packed house every time it is staged. When everyone is busy planning an impressive farewell to the old year and a majestic welcome to the New Year, festivals such as Hat Making Competition, Mask Making Competition, Bushnell Park Campfire festival, etc. offers something extraordinary to do that in style.

The prominent and popular festival of Polar Plunge also offers a good and exciting time during New Year’s time. As a part of this festival, young participants are put through a daring stint as a part of which they are made to cross and swim through the ice cold water at the Long Island of Connecticut. The biggest challenge for the participants is that they are required to do it along with a sailing Gala New Year Cruise beside them. Another equally enthralling and crowd pulling assembly occurs at the Contra Dance party. Apart from these major parties, various schools and colleges organize New Year dance parties and celebrations during the first weekend of the New Year.

Other than this, there is also a Connecticut tradition of calling meetings of citizens at the time of the end of an Old year and arrival of New Year. Their opinions and suggestions are welcomed on various society relevant issues, possible execution of which can help in further development and improvement of the city.

More New Year Traditions