New Year Messages for Elders are words that express your gratitude to the aged members of your family or acquaintance circle, and let them know how important their love, support and guidance are in your life.

The humdrum of everyday life perhaps does not allow spending too much time with them. These New Year messages are sure to win their heart and make them feel how much you care for them. Here are a few New Year Messages for Elders that would help to strike the right chord with the elderly persons you know –
  • This New Year I would like to express my gratitude for being my guiding star and always appreciating my efforts in all spheres of life.

  • This New Year I want you to know that every time I look at you, the traces of white hair reminds me of life’s experiences that you have encountered, the laugh lines and the thought lines speak of the ups and downs of life you have come across, and my head bows down in respect.

  • Since my childhood days, you have always encouraged me to try new things. You said mistakes imbibe experience, and experience makes a man. This New Year I want you to know that whatever I have achieved is because of your strong support.

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  • Here’s wishing a very Happy New Year to the hands that created the future architects of change – your tutelage made learning the rules of life a fun experience.

  • This New Year message is to thank you for being by my side not only when I celebrated my success but also when I needed a shoulder to cry off my losses.

  • This New Year I wanted to let you know how much it meant to have you by my side as I weaved childish dreams, to give me the courage to aim high and to make me learn how to get up after a fall.

  • New Year is the time to thank you for providing me blank pages of life and never forcing a line on them – to have allowed me to fill in the blanks just as I pleased.

  • This is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much I admire you for setting an example of how to age gracefully and adapt with the changing times.

  • You have been a living example of the fact that a person does not age only chronologically. A person ages only when she/he stops to take lessons from the world around. As long as one is learning, one is young at heart.

  • This New Year my wish for you is to stop worrying about the wrinkles on your skin as long as you can prevent those wrinkles from touching your heart.

  • This New Year I salute you for filling up all the years of your life with vibrant positivity and spreading those to the lives you have touched.