When word fails to express then songs does the wonder. Hence song is an important aspect of life. Song laced with Rhythm, melody, tune and harmony ” brings of itself a cheerfulness that wakes the heart of joy”.

Song is definitely a very important part of the New Year celebration which not only coifs the mood of the New Year bang but also airs the feeling of a fresh start and revival. Song therefore makes its presence felt in the celebration of New Year irrespective of culture, country, race and province. New Year in Greece is greeted with colossal passion amidst classy wines and refined foods teamed with the melody of the Greek New Year songs.

Greek New Year Song is the ideal representation of the rich heritage, culture, tradition and beliefs of the ancient Greeks. The very juncture of bidding bye to the closed year and welcoming of the fresh beginning is celebrated in Greece with the tune of the Greek New Year song which is an ode of revival and buoyancy.

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate this New Year with this Greek New Year song and make this New Year a lot different than other 364 days of the year.

Ayios Vasilis erhete

Ke den mas katadehete

Apo, apo tin kesaria.

Sis arhon sis arhondissa Kiria!

Vastari penna ke harti

Zaharokandio zimoni

Harti, harti ke kalamari

Des eme, des eme, to pallikari!

To kalamari egrafe

Ti mira toy tin elege

Ke to, ke to harti omili.

To hriso, to hriso mas kaiofili!

Arhiminia kiarhihronia

Psili mou dendrolivania,

Ke arhi, ke arhi kalos mas hronos.

Eklisia, eklisia, me tayio thronos!

Arhi pou vgiken o Hristos

Ayios ke Pnevmatikos,

Sti gi, gi na perpatisi

Ke na mas, ke na mas kalokardisi!

In English Translation

Saint Basil comes,

And does not acknowledge us

From Caesarea.

You are, you are the mistress of the house!

He holds a pen and paper

And leavened sweets