Halloween is just at your door steps. So, are you looking for ideas to decorate the hall or the yard? Halloween celebrations are not complete without Halloween Haunted Houses decorations.

Use Halloween Haunted Houses decoration ideas to turn your living room or yard into a ghostly area. Below find tips for Halloween Haunted Houses decoration with scary items.

Tips for Halloween Haunted Houses

Body Parts: If you are planning your Halloween party in dimly lit room, then you can horrify your friends by placing body parts in the party area. To make artificial body part you have to boil spaghetti noodles and blend the noodles with red and blue food color. Now add cocktail onions in the bowl which will look like eyeballs. For a scarier ambiance you can fill the balloon with warm water and cover it with strawberry jam. Now ask guests to touch the brain.

Icky Cobwebs: Cut strings and hang them to the ceilings. Prior to the arrival of the guests, wet the strings with fake blood. As soon as the guests walk in slimy string with brush will tickle their forehead and make them horrified.

Halloween Haunted Decoration for living room: Put deeply bread and pretzels under a rug. No sooner the guests walks in, they will feel like crunching bones underfoot. Before the guests arrive you can wrap your living room furniture with torn and shabby clothes. Try to make the living room look deserted. You can also use cotton spider webs for this purpose.

Scary Sound Effects: Decoration for Halloween haunted houses is not complete without scary sounds. To create rain sound you can pour uncooked rice into a cookie sheet. Use a metal sheet to make thunder sound. You can break carrots to produce sound of breaking bones.

Artificial Graveyard in your courtyard: In your yard place wheelbarrow. Place plastic bones on the wheelbarrow to see the scary reactions of the guests. In the outdoor area of your house you can hang scarecrows. Scarecrows are available in the local department store

Other Halloween Haunted Houses Ideas

  • Monster Footprints
  • Crunching Bones Underfoot
  • Lighting
  • Monster Footprints
  • Green Pumpkins
  • Halloween Illuminations
  • Fake blood
  • Spider Webs
  • Glowing Ghosts

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