Halloween is the time of fun and merriment. To celebrate Halloween people decorate their houses in the scariest way they can. Haunted house decoration creates the real mood for Halloween party. You can make artificial graveyard in your courtyard or use plastic spiders in your living room.

Tips for Haunted house decoration

Hanging Ghosts: Use tissue papers or toilet paper to make hanging ghost. Place the ball in a white tissue and tie the tissue with a string. You must gather the ball within the tissue. Now use golf balls or rubber balls to draw the face of the Halloween ghost. Now you can hang Halloween ghost on the wall.

Halloween decoration for your living room
Cover the furniture with white sheets. Try to make the rooms look haunted. You can even use torn pieces of cloth to wrap the furniture. To create haunted ambiance, you can hide a fan. Switch on the fan to have a haunted sound. If possible you can hang torn gauze in the window. In the living area you can also place some ghost mask.

Halloween Tree Decoration
You can also deck up your living room or courtyard with a Halloween Tree. Place uncovered branches in a vase. Color Christmas tree balls in black and white color. Use a marker pen to draw Halloween figures on them. Now hang the balls to your Halloween Tree. You can even use cut outs of ghosts, black cat and spiders and place them on the tree.

Fake blood
In your Halloween party area you can spill fake blood and hang plastic vampires to create a haunted ambiance. Use red floor color, yellow food color, karo syrup and water to make fake blood.

Groovy Graveyard
If you want to make your yard as scary as possible then you can try out Groovy Graveyard for your next Halloween celebrations. Use foam and paint to make a graveyard in the area. You can also position your wheelbarrow in the yard. Put mud or dirt in the wheelbarrow. Put plastic bones on the wheelbarrow to make the wheelbarrow look scarier.

Monster Footprints
Draw a footprint in a sponge. It is better to select a big size sponge. Use a magic marker draw ghostly footprint. Now cut out the images. In a pan pour washable paint. Now, you have to dip the sponge in the paint. Use the sponge to make footprint.

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