Halloween party is popular around the globe. People join it with great enthusiasm. It’s a wonderful way to attach with fun and enjoyment. Fabulous decorations are done around the venue. From scary images to funny ideas, everything can be observed in the party.

Different costumes are also worn for celebrating the night. You can prepare your Halloween costume at home. With some simple methods, homemade Halloween costumes are prepared. A few among all are described below.

Best homemade Halloween costumes

Piglet Halloween Costume

It’s a popular child Halloween costume. With a little effort, you can prepare this dress at your own home. The things you require for this are—

  • Pink colored stocking cap
  • Pink sleeper or sweat suit
  • Darker pink felt
  • Needle or sewing machine
  • Pink thread
  • Black fabric or a good marker
  • Scissors
  • A bucket or pail
  • Pink shaded paint
  • Paintbrush

How to make piglet Halloween costume at your own home?

  • Take the proper size of the ears and cut out four triangles from the pink felt.
  • Using needles sew two of the triangles; don’t forget to give an open design in the bottom side. The right side of each of the triangles should be turned out.
  • Take the other two triangles also and repeat the same process. In this way, you can create the ears.
  • Take a black marker and design stripes in the middle of the pink sleeper or in the sweat suit.
  • Paint the bucket or the pail in pink color. Write down “Piglet” or the name of the pig on the pail or on the bucket.

Racing Driver Costume

  • To prepare a racing driver costume, place the sweatpants on the table. Using straight pins, mark the side seam of the pants.
    According to the straight pin guideline, start pinning the ribbon of the sweatpants.

  • Finally, fold the ribbons under the end part of the pant.
  • The whole process should be done using yellow and red ribbon. Stitch them together and get your racing driver sweat pant. Following the same process, you can prepare the entire outfit.
  • Wear a helmet and get ready to ride your racing car on Halloween night.

Homemade Halloween clown costume

Put on a clown costume on the upper portion of the body. Pain your face like a clown. Take a large size box and paint it with bright color. Wear it just like a skirt. For this, you have to make a hole similar to your wrist size on the box. A complete Halloween clown costume is ready for you, wear it and enjoy the party.

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