Without any second thoughts, the London city can be called as the most fascinating New Year Day location in the entire Europe.

Right from the parties it host all over the town, to the firecrackers show it has at the New Year midnight, each and everything London does on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day make it stand apart and above from rest of all the places. London follows Georgian calendar in deciding the date of its New year, which is January 1st.

New Year Celebrations in London

The last parties of the London New Year are big in scale, massive in celebration, and grand in its treatment. The whole of London turns into a massive street party host, with thousands dancing, and celebrating at Trafalgar and Parliament Squares. The New Year celebrations as made in the London are probably the most exhilarating way to countdown the New Year. People come out of their houses to be part of the big social parties happening all across the town. You will have to shed more than normal to have an entry in the highly vibrant London clubs and discotheques. Some also have entry charges.

The Gigantic Fireworks Show

The firework shows as organized across the major points of the London city is something which entire world looks forward to. The most prominent and celebrated firework show occurs at the famous Big Ben, London’s Eye, and South Bank, which is witnessed live every year by few less than a million. As soon as the Big Ben clock rings twelve at the midnight, the enlivening fireworks show begins at London’s Eye located at South bank. The show lasts for 10 minutes since the moment of the arrival of New Year, but leaves an unforgettable moment in everyone’s mind witnessing it. The closer one gets, the better is the view. However, the throng of people makes it difficult for everyone to get close, and therefore, people prefer to stand on Westminster Bridge, or the north bank of River Thames located exactly opposite to London’s Eye to have the best view of the show. The fireworks show is colossal to the extent that it can be witnessed from as far as Central London. BBC telecasts the show live for its worldwide viewers.

New Year Parade in London

Another prominent tradition associated with London New Year celebrations is the annual New Year parade it organizes. Thousands of prominent artists from their respective fields and from different parts of the world come all the way to London to be a part of this famous parade. 2015 will mark the 27th anniversary of the parade with ‘Let Us Entertain You’ being the theme of the event, so expect something grander and exceptional to witness this time. The parade saw various artists from musical bands, dance troupes, musicians, theatre groups, and marching bands, along with cheerleaders, clowns, magicians, and acrobats showcasing some exceptional work of their respective art. According to an estimate, around 10000 performers from 20 different countries of the world participate in London New Year’s parade every year. This 2 mile long parade goes through some of the most famous and historic streets of London.

Other New Year Celebrations in London
Some people looking to have a romantic New Year’s Eve with their partner, prefer to get on to a cruise to have an extended night long celebration in the mid of River Thames. Most of the cruise trips offers a midnight view of the London Eye fireworks show, which makes it one of the best ways with which one can welcome the New Year with one’s love beside.

More New Year Traditions