New York, every man’s dream state, celebrates New Year as flamboyantly as it itself is. The famous skyline of New York City, in itself seems to be leading the entire New Year celebrations happening across the city. The way with which the high towers and skyscrapers of the city are intently illuminated makes it worth a watch.

On January 1st of the Georgian calendar, which is observed as New Year’s Day, all public and private offices remain close for the day. People make the most of it be engaging in all day and all night celebrations, ensuring a grand welcome to the initial moments of New Year.

New Year Celebrations in New York

Almost every corner and street of the New York City seems to be holding a unique celebration nerve on New Year’s Eve. Number of events and parties are organized all over the city, with both the natives as well foreign tourists participating in it with immense joy and fervor. Some of the biggest nightclubs, clubs, bars, lounges, pubs, etc. are hosting some highly exhilarating and high brisk parties on New Year’s Eve.

The throng of people coming in them is immense and gigantic, and it really requires one to have an irresistible passion to get into any of them. Plan early, and get a pass is what all we have to recommend if you wish to get into any of the many big parties going all over the place. Some of these parties have dress codes, cover prices, entry charges, and special service charges for the Eve.

However, if one fails to get in any of their favorites, the equally vibrant street parties can offer, if not more than at least an equally splendid New Year experience. One can also be a part of the various live concerts, with performers from various genres such as hip-hop, rock, Latin, electronic, or house performing some of the best epic hits of the year.

Best New Year in New York

Times Square in New York is considered as the best places for one to be at on New Year’s Eve, as everything from its skyline to the firecrackers show at the midnight go beyond the aspects of inconceivable. More than a century old New Year event of Ball Drop hosted by New York is considered as amongst one of the best things that world witnesses on New Year’s Eve.

Thousands of people from within the state, as well as from far off places come all the way to witness an astonishing display of firecrackers show, and to mutually count down the last few moments of the Old year to mark the arrival of New Year. As soon as the count turns to ‘zero’, everyone cheer out loud, clap, hug, and kiss one another.

The outdoor party organized at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza is also a special treat to be a part of, where one gets an opportunity to dance, sing, and celebrate with thousands others under the New York sky. Various other prominent New Year festivities which draw thousands from across the world every year include Brooklyn Bridge Walk and New Year’s Eve Midnight Run. In all these events, one can undoubtedly end up defining their best New Year of the lifetime.

The unique confetti event is one highly cherished event by the natives of New York, as a part of which they are asked to write their hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for the year to come. During this event, the very famous song of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in equally sung by all with lot of fun and verve. There is also a tradition of black eyed peas in New York, which is considered to be a symbol of good luck in the New Year.

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