Nigeria, located in the Western part of Africa, is prominently a nation of people belonging to two beliefs- Christianity and Islamism.

All the festivals as celebrated in Nigeria are highly influenced by the traditions of both the religions. New Year’s Day, which is celebrated in Nigeria in accordance to Georgian calendar, i.e. on January 1st, is one of the most important and prominently celebrated days in Nigeria.

People all around Nigeria enthusiastically wait for the New Year’s Day to arrive. During the time of New Year, one can clearly draw a precise picture of the rich heritage, culture, customs, and tradition of the country. The New Year celebrations largely influenced by the blend of cultures, and their further drawn customs and traditions, offer a matchless experience.

New Year Celebrations in Nigeria

People in Nigeria believe in celebrating their festivals with lot of oomph and splendor. The intensity with which celebrations are made can be deeply felt and experienced even if one is not a part of them. It is one of the best places to be in, if one wish to have a different New Year, which they would love to surrender in their memories for life. Even the climatic conditions during the time of New Year are too pleasant, which itself seems to be supporting the celebrations of the moment.

Apart from the traditional celebrations, the standard New Year celebrations are also hosted by the country in the form of number of big, bigger, and biggest parties in various pubs, discotheques, night clubs, etc. People from all age group, irrespective of their age and background mutually drink, eat, dance, and celebrate all night, and as soon as the midnight arrives at twelve, everyone should out loud with cheer and grandeur.

Everyone cherishes the special moment, and raises a hope to be more optimistic and better human beings in the coming time. Also, vows are taken by everyone to forget rivalries, turn foes into friends, and give a new buoyant start to life. Also, it is also the time when people irrespective of the fact that if they are in a party, in their house, or on the street, offer prayers to the supreme lord, to confer them with peace, prosperity, and growth in the coming year. It is followed by exchanging of wishes with friends, families, and all those present around.

Usually, people love to shop and dine during the time of New Year, and various restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls offer special offers and discounts at that time to lure more customers. Dining restaurants and hotels prepare special dishes including traditional dishes during the time of New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve in Nigeria.

Even if one wish not to be part of these very regular ways of New Year celebrations, then the scenic beauty of the country spread over its assorted wildlife, fascinating waterfalls, and startling beaches can offer you a different way with which you can spend your New Year’s Eve. Usually, those looking to be at nature’s lap, move out either to Indanre Hills or to the Oluma Rocks or Pacific Own falls, and experience the first light of the dawn rising there in the presence of the spectacular natural vista.

The Unique Masquerades Party

Is you wish to be a part of the biggest New Year celebration in Nigeria, then make sure to land up at any of the masquerades. This biggest party of the Nigeria saw people coming in dressed up as with certain animal or human features being prominently highlighted. It is followed by high energy dance on the streets performed by them. It is considered as a symbol of bringing good luck and cheerfulness in the lives of people, and also sway away all the evil energies and negativities out of life.

It is also considered as an apt time to spread message of love, hope, positivity, and peace for the coming time. Offrima is a well known masquerades party. It has tribes dressed up in the costumes striking similar to fishes, and then performing dance on the tribal tunes. There is a provision that no one can unmask himself while performing the dance, as the mask is supposed to protect mind, body, and soul from getting vulnerable to any evil spirits.

Apart from masquerades party, one can also witness various different tribes celebrating New Year in their very own distinct way. Most of them involve performing rural or tribal dances on the tribal music, by the people of the tribe or local performers only. Other activities such as archery and juggling are also ensured to be part of those celebrations.

More New Year Traditions