The Kingdom of Norway, or what eminently called as Norway, is a beautiful country located in Europe. Apart from being rich in economy and growth, it is considered as equally rich in its heritage and tradition.

New Year celebrations as made all around the Norway are an intact part of those traditions, followed by the inhabitants of Norway since centuries.

The New Year celebrations as made in Norway are high on content and style, and are quite distinctive from the regular celebrations which usually go around the world. That is what makes it a beautiful experience for its witnesses. They draw quite a lot from the customs and traditions of the country, which is fairly precise.

New Year Celebrations in Norway

In Norway, New Year is considered as the time of celebrations, amusements, and carousing. People leave no stone unturned to make sure that they bid a grand farewell to the Old Year, and welcome New Year with lots of bliss and joy. Everyone seems to be too contended during the time, and expresses the same by celebrating New Year with lots of zeal and fervor. Without drawing any distinction, everyone irrespective of their age and gender is encouraged to be a part of these celebrations. They eat, drink, dance, and celebrate till the midnight time arrives, when firecrackers show are set off.

On New Year’s Eve, almost everyone make sure to get into the hottest party of the town. Both, the inhabitants as well as the tourists party all day and all night till the early hours of the first day of the New Year. The spectacular time, and the fun and cheer reach its optimum with the arrival of the midnight, with clock turning twelve. Apart from those present in the social parties and those on the streets, people who are spending New Year’s time with their friends and families at house also come out of their houses to witness the sumptuous Norway sky turning out different colors and lights. Toasts are raised, followed by exchanging of wishes and greetings for the coming time with one another.

Family Time on New Year

Celebrations and revels are given as much significance, as given to spending time with friends and family. Apart from being adequately present at the social parties thrown during the time, one do makes sure to celebrate and spend ample time with family and close friends on the special occasion. Someone can be find partying hard in any night club, pub or discotheque on New year’s Eve, but the same person can be find chilling out at home, on a nearby beach, or on some beautiful countryside site. They do make sure to revive the festive spirit. Usually, the house celebrations have close friends and members of the extended family coming and celebrating the time. A special feast is organized with special dishes on the platter. Wine is considered to be compulsory part with which celebrations truly boast off. In traditional dishes, pork, lamb, and turkey dishes are necessarily meant to be served. Eating pork is considered to be a symbol of abundance of food resources in one’s life in the coming year. Apart from eating and drinking, music and dance are integrally involved with New Year celebrations in Norway.

New Year Traditions in Norway

There is also a tradition as a part of which small children went to all the houses in the neighborhood, while singing special New Year songs. In turn, people give them candies. There is also a Halloween like tradition followed in Norway during the time of New Year, which is referred as ‘Nyttarsbukk’. As a part of it, people dress up fancily, and make a visit to friends and family members who in turn treat them with drinks. As a part of New Year traditions, people also prepare the symbolic dish of rice pudding with an almond in between it. It is sweet in taste, and eating it is believed to confer one with a sweet year ahead. Also, one who gets the hidden almond out of the rice pudding is considered to have a lucky year ahead, with lots of wealth and fortune in favor.

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