This Christmas make your own stocking where Santa can pour in lots of gifts for you! When you make something of your own for such a lovely motive then after seeing it you cherish the warmth and effort that reflects from the stocking you made.

Making Christmas stockings is easy. Even if it’s not easy for you, the step by step procedure will make it appear easy for you.

Here are some easy steps for making Christmas stockings –

  1. Take a large cloth piece.
  2. Decide the length of the Christmas stockings you need to prepare.
  3. From the center just fold the cloth approximately half right.
  4. Whatever is the style or size of the Christmas stockings you have decided cut it accordingly.
  5. You can also put a cuff to make it look different.
  6. Cut out the front and back of the cloth that you have selected.
  7. Then try cutting out two lining pieces. They should be of the same shape and size.
  8. Now use decoration stuffs like lace, ribbons, trims, bells, etc.
  9. Sew the right sides together from the back to the front. The thread should be of the same color.
  10. The curves should be clipped and trimmed properly.
  11. Now it’s time to put the lining inside the shell.
  12. Turn the stocking to the inside and add loop to it so that it’s ready to be hung.

Why make your own stocking?

With the arrival of Christmas, the ideas for making one’s own stockings are on the floor. When you make your own stocking you enjoy the liberty of selecting fabric, length, decoration stuff, and many other aspects that you can’t get in readymade stockings. Make it special by putting in efforts like making your own stockings.


Handmade Christmas stocking gives you a liberty to incorporate some of your own creative and innovative ideas so that whenever you see that in the coming Christmas days, you are reminded of the efforts put by you. No matter if it s good or bad, you will like it. Such efforts also give you an idea of the fabric and the materials that the Christmas stockings are made up of. When you make your own stocking, you get clearer ideas regarding it.
Popular types of holiday stocking

So, what are you planning to make for this holiday? Can’t decide? Make you decision by having a look at these popular types of holiday stocking –

  1. Classic Stocking
  2. Ballet Slipper Stocking
  3. Ice Skate Stocking
  4. Elf Boot Stocking
  5. Cowboy Boot Stocking
  6. Fancy Boot Stocking
  7. Bare Foot Stocking
  8. Dog Paw Stocking

Handmade Christmas stocking

The handmade Christmas stocking can be hung on the Christmas Eve. Once made, they can be used for many more Christmas seasons in the coming years. Smaller stocking will require less fabric. The sewing techniques are simple. So, what are you waiting for? Get sewing and get ready for the best pair of stockings that will make your Christmas memorable. The way you make your own stocking can be similar but then the real thing comes when you decorate it with various decorative stuffs to give it a different look from others.


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