New Year is round the corner and time has come to turn our thoughts on things that we would like to change or ways in which things could be done better the next time.

Everyone gets busy around this time in drawing up resolutions for the New Year. Whether you are a student, a professional, a housewife or a parent, resolutions are taken by all during the New Year.

Parents have added responsibilities of nurturing a child and looking after the entire family, and hence the resolutions need to be drawn up keeping in mind the welfare of the family.

People with kids need to give a lot of time and thought before deciding on the resolutions to ensure that they are achievable and are taken for the best interest of the family. Here are some of the practical New Year resolutions for parents that can be taken for enjoying a good time with family in the year ahead.

Act Patiently – Patience is the most important virtue when handling kids and running the family. You will come across a number of situations when your patience will be tested by your kids and family member but the need of that hour would be to stay calm and composed to assess the situation more practically. Have patience and try not to lose your temperament when your child starts running around and does not abide by the rules you have made for him.

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Avoid over- interference – It is important to know things related to your child but it is not a good idea to meddle into everything that he or she does. Let your child do things on his/her own to prevent him/her from becoming too over- dependent on you for every little thing. Take the resolution this New Year not to mess about in everything that your child is involved into to help him/her develop an independent thinking.

Put A Limit On Your Work Hours – Most parents involved in professional lives often tend to neglect the needs of their children because they hardly have any time left for looking after their child’s development. If you are one such parent, who has very little time to pay attention to the various requirements of your children then it is suggested that you take the New Year resolution of capping your working hours every day for devoting more time towards your family and child.

Devote Some Time during the Day For Yourself – The most difficult job on earth is parenting and raising up kids. In order to give utmost care, love and attention and fulfill their needs and desires, parents often tend to lose their own personal identity. Parents are often left with no time for realizing their personal goals. Even little free time that sometimes they get goes into doing things that will make their children or family members happy. Do not kill your dreams and aspirations only because now you have kids to look after. Take the New Year resolutions for taking some time out for your self every day for doing things that gives pleasure to you.


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