The New Year is just around the corner! And like the ancient Babylonians or the medieval Christians; we too are not far behind while making New Year Resolutions.

If all the others are making their own unique set of resolutions for the bright and shiny New Year; can the bloggers be far behind? No way! The Bloggers are in their own right those unique set of people who write about the humdrum, the technicalities, from rats to robots!

So they too need to devise their own unique and unprecedented set of New Year resolutions aiming to make their genre even more special. Let the Bloggers also incorporate certain resolutions which will make their subject matters more engrossing, their trade more profitable and their genre unique, Let these resolutions help them reach the top of their trade, carve a niche for them in their specific domain.

So let us have a look at what can be the top ten New Year’s Resolutions for the Blogging Community abounding in large. Let us also understand how these quantitative resolutions can help in the qualitative aspect of the blogging community.  So here it comes –

  1. Create your own unique personality – Uniqueness is an unique attribute by its own virtue. You cannot be a run of the mill product. Every human being by default is unique and now, this New Year take the resolution to bring your own brand right out there- in the open. You, as a person have your own style, own “humor” as Ben Jonson would have put it. So why hide it??? Add about yourself- who you are and what you  have been doing to the Author Box below an article or add a side widget giving a sneak peek as to who you are.When you bring yourself as I keep emphasising on the table, trust me you will garner more and more readers for your blog. Therefore keep updating those small tid bits that you are sharing with your readers en masse. Upload that new photograph you took, where you don’t look prim and proper but windswept and sunny! It is end of the day who you are and what you write. While at it, also integrate Google authorship to get better results with your search engine optimization.

  3. Original and Good Blog Topics – This is so related to the first resolution that one should adopt. Why? What do we consider to be a good content? Nothing but one which will be good to read, interesting to read. A content which we would love to share with our friends  and peers. Thus a good content needs a lot of research and reading in general. What made Charles Lamb’s essays so endearing and unique? His take from life and his own unique meandering brand of humour. Therefore be original. That can never go wrong. And originality and ingenuousness are always some of the most important things in a blogging community. Thus be patient and write with your heart and well researched topics.  Incorporate newer technologies. Trust me, you cannot be far from creating your original and good blog topics and original and good topics will always be at the top of the readers’ choice.

  5. Posting 2/ 3 blogs daily – Blogging requires constant endeavour. It is not a once-a-day affair, where you post one blog in a day and precociously assume that it would be read and reviewed and respected by the Netizens. You need to write 2 to 3 blogs daily on interesting and informative topics or one which you have complete faith on. You need to be one up on your competitors. Will then only your blogging career be successful. So another resolution should be to write 2 to 3 blogs dexterously every day. So write, write, and keep writing.

  7. Identify and study all Competitors in your niche – The Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis had once opined that “I have no friends and no enemies – only competitors”. That is one gem of a snippet of knowledge. So your fourth New Year resolution should be to adroitly study all your competitors. If you know what they are up to; then you will know what you should have been up to or what you should be up to. You are writing blogs to make money and to carve out a niche for you in this chosen path. What ensures that? Traffic in your blog. More number of visits and reads. Thus follow the top bloggers in your chosen field of subjects, see what they have produced, see what they have missed and how you can incorporate that in your blog. Therefore your problems will be reversed if you are constantly monitoring your competitors.

  9. Expanding my Network using Social Media, Facebook and Twitter — I reiterate that what is the main objective behind blogging? Getting yourself and your blog, i.e. content read by as many people as possible. So the best way to have your reach expanded is through social networking platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. Create your own Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter Handle or a Google Plus Account, and keep writing or tweeting about your blogs daily.  Therefore never ignore the power of mass media- the Social media.

  11. Building Personal Relationship with every Reader Using Comments, Discussions – As discussed regarding the earlier New Year Resolution; never ignore the power of mass; this too harps on the very same topic. Readers are the powers that keep you going. So never ignore the comments, views or opinions that the readers leave behind post reading your blog. Reading these views and opinions, will give you an idea as to what the readers want from your blog or where the lacunae could be.  You can also integrate various web based tools which can garner opinions polls etc by the readers. Thus in the New Year you will keep your readers feedback in mind. Build a personal bridge between yourself and your readers through your blog by sharing your view and anecdotes to their queries and opinions. Remember that a criticism is always a constructive criticism. Thus be open and build a personal relationship with your readers.

  13. Learning New Writing Skills – As the old maxim goes, there is no shortcut to success. Similarly, there can be no shortcut to successful blog writing. One cannot manipulate the Google search engines and become a successful blogger. You need to create good content, interesting content that will be engrossing to the readers.  Your blog should be able to engage the readers in a manner that they will be bound to come back for more or even get involved in a debate. Therefore, read, learn. Learn a new word every day, Read about various topics. See life from close. This will make your writing skills new and unique from the previous you.

  15. Offering Free Tutorials to Readers And Decreasing Bounce Rates – In the age of catering service industry, the readers of your blog are your target audience. To maintain a steady traffic in your blog you need to give some value added service to your readers. You need to give some free tutorials, may be in the form of PDF documents or videos to the readers of your blog. This will help decrease the bounce rate and will ensure that visitors keep coming back to your blog for more and more. Therefore a New Year Resolution should be to offer free tutorials to your readers to decrease the bounce rate.

  17. Making Money Not just from Ad-sense but through Affiliate Marketing – This again is also directly related to the all the above topics that we have discussed earlier. Bloggers all over the world make money through Google Ad-sense. This New Year you need to make a resolution that you will earn revenues by Affiliate marketing, where you can directly sell products through your blog.  To ensure that your blog needs to be good enough, trustable enough by which the readers can be persuaded to buy products. To be candid, the amount of money one can make by affiliate marketing surpasses that of the amount which you can make from Ad-sense.

  19. Consistency, Consistency and Consistency – Consistency is the key to success to bloggers as with all other genres or mediums. We already discussed that one needs to post 2 to 3 blogs regularly, thus consistency and commitment to your own trade is a must to attain success and be reckoned in your own rights. Consistency in learning new things, consistency in reading, consistency in observing the nuances of life, consistency in writing every day, consistency in answering and addressing your readers everyday and without fail will take you to the top of your chosen game. Therefore the last but not the least most important New Year resolution for the coming New Year should be – To be constant and consistent with your writing and blogging.


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