Are you tired of making a long list of Resolutions every New Year’s Eve and then watch them fizzle out even before the first quarter of the year is gone?

Often psychoanalysts have compared New Year resolutions to having a baby – they say they are easy to make, but very high on maintenance! More often than not New Year Resolutions have been known to be broken as easily they are made!

The interesting fact is that most of the New Year Resolutions are generally made for the betterment of life – be it on lifestyle, on finances or health or family or romance. Naturally if one can stick to them New Year Resolutions are sure to make your life more positive.

Feeling a little determined to stick to your Resolutions this upcoming New Year? Here are ten very practical and simple tips that would help you in maintaining the goals you set up as New Year Resolution –


  1. Be practical in your approach — The surest approach to miss the mark concerning you will likely make your objective unattainable. For example, taking steps to NEVER eat your most loved nourishment again is setting you up to come up short. Rather, make progress toward an objective that is feasible, for example, dodging it more regularly than you do now.


  1. Make advanced planning – Planning in advance makes it well thought of instead of being a spur of the moment impulse.


  1. Discuss your resolutions with people you trust — Try not to keep your determination a mystery. Tell loved ones individuals who will arrive to bolster your resolve to improve yourself or enhance your wellbeing. The most ideal situation is to discover a pal who shares your New Year’s determination and spur one another.


  1. Be objective and set up small achievable sub targets – Sub targets help in boosting your morale and you can actually measure how much nearer you have come to your final goal.


  1. Beware of the pros and cons of your plans – It is your plan and you should know it well inside out – being aware of what your resolution may entail would help you stay prepared. For example – if you are saving up money with a target, then the pro is that you are sure to have a financial padding for the future; while the con may be that you may have to cut down on your monthly expenses for a while.


  1. Reward yourself on achievements – Small rewards keep you inspired. This means treating yourself to something you appreciate and that doesn’t negate your determination. In the event that you have been adhering to healthy eating, for instance, reward yourself with new attire or by heading off to a film with a companion.


  1. Keep a track of your progress — Monitor every little achievement. Transient objectives are less demanding to keep, and every little achievement will keep you inspired. For example — On a weight loss objective, rather than concentrating on losing 30 pounds, concentrate on losing the initial five, and then the next five, so on and so forth.


  1. Do not create too much pressure on yourself — Do as well as can be expected on a day to day basis, and take things without rushing too much.


  1. Adhere to it – Put a test to your endurance by sticking to your plan. Even if it seems difficult to. Researchers have proved that if you can stick to something for a month it becomes your habit, and if you carry on somehow for six months, it becomes part of your existence.


  1. Never give up — In the event that you have completely come up short on steam with regards to keeping your determination by mid-February, don’t give up. Begin once again once more! Recommit yourself for 24 hours. You can do anything for 24 hours. The 24-hour augmentations will soon expand on one another and, before you know it, you will be back on track.


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