It is not only the festive mood and the delightful cheer that marks the New Year but one can also see some interesting rituals and customs being performed on this day.

Over time, different beliefs and notions across the world have come to give birth to strange traditions being observed. Find out about the world’s strangest New Year traditions that are followed dutifully by people in different parts.

Wear Polka Dots Or Eat Round Fruits To Invite Luck- Philippines

People inPhilippineshave a special belief on the New Year that wearing something round or eating round fruits will bring good luck for the entire year. People are seen wearing dresses designed with circular patterns. Most of them in the island country turn up in polka dot dresses during the eve of the New Year. Observing this weird New Year tradition is expected to attract good financial fortune over the year.

Pouring Lead to Know About Future- Germany And Austria

Germans and Austrians have a weird and whacky way of funding about things that are in store for them in the New Year. The strange way adopted by them is popularly called as lead pouring in which molten lead is poured into a bowl containing water. Shape that is formed by the molten leaves in the bowl of water is interpreted to find out things that are likely to take place in the next year. for example’ if the molten lead takes the shape of an anchor in the water bowl then the person who has dropped it is believed to be in need of help in the New Year. The shape of a ball formed out of the molten lead signifies good fortune for the person throughout the year while a cross would imply death.

Wearing Colorful Underwear to Bring Luck- Mexico

Mexicans have a strange New Year tradition of securing happiness and luck by adorning colorful panties on the eve of the New Year. People, looking for luck, are seen wearing yellow colored underwear while those who want to find success in love, come out with red underwear. This weird New Year ritual is most popularly observed in the city ofSao Paulo,La Paz.

Burning Pictures to Leave the Past Behind-Ecuador

Ecuadorobserves a weird tradition during New Year to bid adieu to the past year. Burning portraits is considered unpleasant but this seems to be the real fun inEcuadoron the eve of the New Year. People gather outside their homes with photos that remind them of their painful incidents or inglorious days from the last year. These pictures are burned by the locals with the belief that burning them would help them get rid of the past and make progress smoothly.

People Celebrate New Year With a Visit to The Graveyard-Chile

It might seem creepy and uncanny but people inChiledo observe a strange custom during New Year by taking a visit to the graveyard. Locals in the small town ofTalcainChilecelebrate the New Year by practicing a freaky ritual of paying a visit to their dead relatives. Cemetery are found full after 11 pm on the night before the New Year as locals throng the place to welcome the year with their deceased relatives. This strange tradition of welcoming New Year inChileis said to have started way back in 1995. Tradition to visit the graveyard for celebrating the New Year is believed to have its origin after a family jumped over the cemetery fence to usher in the New Year by being besides the father’s grave. At present, more than 5000 people inChileare assumed to have taken this weird tradition for embracing the New Year.

Community Service and Fund Raising to Stay Happy Throughout the Year-Turkey

It is a strange yet common New Year ritual inTurkeythat helping out needy, less privileged people by conducting community service and raising funds on the New Year’s Day will bring in happiness for the entire year. With this belief in mind, a lot of people inTurkeyare seen participating in several events organized during this time for community service and for raising funds. Charity is done not for getting a girlfriend or a swanky car but for staying happy because of the blessings garnered while helping out someone in distress.

Watching the British Show “Dinner for One,” To Welcome The New Year-German

Germans are seen following a whacky New Year tradition to stay happy throughout the year. People inGermanywatch the British show “Dinner for One” every single year since 1972 to ring in the New Year. Although one knows of the year since this tradition has begun to be observed by German masses but very little is known about the story behind the origin of this strange tradition. It may seem an unreasonable tradition but it has gained immense popularity in the country. Most Germans are heard using the punch line meaning ““same procedure every year” as a catchphrase to usher in the New Year.

Change Underwear At Midnight- Bolivia

It is much like the New Year tradition followed inMexicowhere people wear yellow underwear for inviting luck with the only difference being that Bolivians wait for midnight put on yellow underwear. Bolivians believe that with the change in the undergarment at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve will also bring about change in their fortunes.

Throwing Dishes Considered to Be Good- Denmark

People inDenmarkthrow old and used dishes at their friend’s doors on New Year’s Eve as a means to show their integrity and loyalty towards their dear ones.

Leaves Placed Under Pillow To Get A Husband – Ireland

Most single women inIrelandpractice the strange New Year tradition of placing mistletoe leaves under their pillow in the hope of getting a good husband. Irish culture also finds this tradition useful in washing away bad luck.

Kissing At Midnight To Bring On Love in Life-America

It’s a long-lived tradition inAmericato kiss dear ones to make the next year beautiful. Tradition of sharing a sweet midnight kiss is supposed to bring true love and help people get rid of their bad memories of the past.

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