Get a April 2017 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

March 2017April 2017 CalenderMay 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
            1April Fool’s Day (Around the world)
2Malvinas Day (Argentina) 3Tomb Sweeping Day (Taiwan) 4Ching Ming Festival (Hong Kong)Peace Day (Angola) 5Ramanavami (Hindu)Ching Ming Festival (China) 6President Ntaryamira Day (Burundi)Chakri Day (Thailand)Hung Kings Temple Festival (Vietnam) 7Women’s Day (Mozambique)Genocide against the Tutsi Memorial Day (Rwanada)Karume Day (Tanzania) 8Hindi New Year (Hindu)
9Day of National Unity (Georgia)Mahavir Jayanti (India)The Day of Valor (Philippines) 10Pesach (Israel)Bak Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)Bank Holiday (Uruguay) 11Hanuman Jayanti (Hindu)Passover – First Day (Jewish)Theravada New Year (Buddhist) 12Passover – Second Day (Jewish)Thingyan Holiday (Myanmar) 13Maundy (Holy) Thursday (Christian)Sinhala and Tamil New Year Eve (Sri Lanka) 14Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / Vishu (India)Tamil New Year (Hindu)Good Friday (Christian) 15Bengali New Year / Bihu (Hindu)Lao New Year Holiday (Lao)Songkran Festival (Thailand)
16Easter (Christian) 17Easter Monday (Christian)Khmer New Year Holiday (Cambodia)Burmese New Year’s Day (Myanmar) 18Birthday of Guru Angad Dev (Sikh)Passover – Final Day (Jewish)Independence Day (Zimbabwe) 19Landing of the 33 Patriots Day (Uruguay)Independence Declaration Day (Venezuela) 20Mahavir Jayanti (India)First Day of Summer (Iceland) 21Tiradentes Day (Brazil) 22Theravada New Year (Buddhist)Earth Day (Various)
23St. George’s Day(Christian)National Sovereignty and Children’s Day (Turkey) 24Yom Hashoah (Jewish)Sechselauten [Switzerland (regional)] 25Lailat al Miraj (Islamic)ANZAC Day (Australia)Commemoration Day (Belarus) 26Birthday of the Sultan of Terengganu (Malaysia – regional)Union Day (Tanzania) 27King’s Birthday (Netherlands)Resistance Day (Slovenia)Freedom Day (South Africa) 28Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu)Workers Memorial Day (Gibraltar)Sardinia Day (Italy – regional) 29Showa Day (Japan)
30St. James the Great Day (Christian)Walpurgis Night (Sweden)            


April 2017 Holidays

Apr 01
April Fool’s Day (Around the world)
Apr 02
Malvinas Day (Argentina)
Apr 03
Tomb Sweeping Day (Taiwan)
Apr 04
Ching Ming Festival (Hong Kong)
Peace Day (Angola)
Apr 05
Ramanavami (Hindu)
Ching Ming Festival (China)
Apr 06
President Ntaryamira Day (Burundi)
Chakri Day (Thailand)
Hung Kings Temple Festival (Vietnam)
Apr 07
Women’s Day (Mozambique)
Genocide against the Tutsi Memorial Day (Rwanada)
Karume Day (Tanzania)
Apr 08
Hindi New Year (Hindu)
Apr 09
Day of National Unity (Georgia)
Mahavir Jayanti (India)
The Day of Valor (Philippines)
Apr 10
Pesach (Israel)
Bak Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)
Bank Holiday (Uruguay)
Apr 11
Hanuman Jayanti (Hindu)
Passover – First Day (Jewish)
Theravada New Year (Buddhist)
Apr 12
Passover – Second Day (Jewish)
Thingyan Holiday (Myanmar)
Apr 13
Maundy (Holy) Thursday (Christian)
Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Sri Lanka)
Apr 14
Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / Vishu (India)
Tamil New Year (Hindu)
Good Friday (Christian)
Apr 15
Bengali New Year / Bihu (Hindu)
Lao New Year Holiday (Lao)
Songkran Festival (Thailand)
Apr 16
Easter (Christian)
Apr 17
Easter Monday (Christian)
Khmer New Year Holiday (Cambodia)
Burmese New Year’s Day (Myanmar)
Apr 18
Birthday of Guru Angad Dev (Sikh)
Independence Declaration Day (Zimbabwe)
Passover – Final Day (Jewish)
Apr 19
Landing of the 33 Patriots Day (Uruguay)
Independence Declaration Day (Venezuela)
Apr 20
Mahavir Jayanti (India)
First Day of Summer (Iceland)
Apr 21
Tiradentes Day (Brazil)
Apr 22
Theravada New Year (Buddhist)
Earth Day (Various)
Apr 23
National Sovereignty and Children’s Day (Turkey)
St. George’s Day (Christian)
Apr 24
Yom Hashoah (Jewish)
Sechselauten [Switzerland (regional)]
Apr 25
Lailat al Miraj (Islamic)
ANZAC Day (Australia)
Commemoration Day (Belarus)
Apr 26
Birthday of the Sultan of Terengganu (Malaysia – regional)
Union Day (Tanzania)
Apr 27
King’s Birthday (Netherlands)
Resistance Day (Slovenia)
Freedom Day (South Africa)
Apr 28
Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu)
Workers Memorial Day (Gibraltar)
Sardinia Day (Italy – regional)
Apr 29
Showa Day (Japan)
Apr 30
Walpurgis Night (Sweden)
St. James the Great Day (Christian)