2024 for Librans will be a journey. It will be a journey that will be full of energy, a journey rising over the mundane and a journey towards your inner self.

There will be changes, and those changes will be spectacular. From the second half of the year your job or business will yield results and give you a recognition previously not contemplated. There could be overseas assignments also in context to this.

There will be peace, tranquility and a lot of things which till last year had not made sense will fall into place. You will forge newer bonds and life in general will be a feel-good factor.

2024 promises to be a great year if you plan your life and work accordingly. You should never forget that Libra is all about being balanced.

Love and Relationship

In 2024, Saturn the Lord of your Home and family life gets to spend the coming 2 years in your 7th house. This is your house of marriage and social activities. This transit will result into couple of deep liaisons and changes. This is the transit which somehow changes your world view as to how you perceive romance and love and relationship.

The married Librans, happy and not lacking into anything will yet get into relationships otherwise avoidable. There will be disturbances and disruption within the family due to this, however there will be time for retracing steps too. Single Librans after a phase of loneliness will find a new love and may also settle down into matrimony towards the end of the year.

The partners of Librans this year will tend to be overtly controlling and will be ambitious. Thus, it will be advisable to maintain the fragile harmony maintained so far in your relationship and balance life as romantic opportunities this year will be a plenty. If there has been a recent romantic break-up then it is high time for you to move on. Those who aspire for a child may plan to do so this year.

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Career and Business

You will rise at the pinnacle of your success quotient provided you have done your homework for the last ten years. This will be a stellar year for you.

At the beginning of the year, in the first half, you will go into hibernation, but will come out by September to once again claim your place under the sun. There will be peace and pace and a sense of satisfaction in your work place. Success will be such this year that you will be burning the proverbial midnight oil. By dint of this you are bound to get at the top of money and a position of reckoning after September 24th, when Jupiter will reside in your home sign of Libra. Before that, in June with Saturn’s entry into Cancer, your efforts in the professional field will bring you money and fame. However there will be a feeling that you need to make sacrifices in your family or home front to gain fulfillment in your career front. This will be due to Chiron in Capricorn. You will be a trailblazer in work front. There could be a need to learn some other skills this year for professional betterment. Take business decisions after much deliberations and keeping in mind all pros and cons.

Health and Wellness

There could be some possibilities seen of the Librans overworking themselves and feeling burnt out.  There could be some possibility of contracting some kind of food poisoning or other digestive problems during the year. However avoid fatigue to avoid stress related disorders. Due to excessive job pressure or else wise activities, do not forget to cultivate a hobby or a habit. Your mental energy will be alert and at their best this year, just do not let stress bog you down.

Money and Finance

Saturn in your tenth house in Cancer paves the way for sustainable growth for the Librans this year. This year the conditions are ideal for you to embark on your own venture with knowledgeable and hard working people on board. Amazingly enough, this year the less you pursue money, the more will it come to you and thus all it requires is a healthy attitude towards it. However a small word of caution will be, to stick to a pre-meditated budget at all points of time this year. While having art pieces and artifacts make the house look good, this year also concentrate on what keeps the hearth warm. Thus curb the habit of overspending.

Family and Relatives

Pluto moving onto your fourth house, Librans, there will be lot of renovations this year in the home front. There will also be deeper changes in the way family members relate to each other. Moving out of the outer level, rather they will be moving on to a deeper level of connection. There could be arguments and disagreements, and these may not result into divorce, but may lead to a break up of family. It could not be your own self too, but other family members.  There will be times when you will feel being supremely controlled by your family and may want to break out of the shackles. There will be lot of things happening in the lives of the parental figures which will also affect you.  There could also be deaths in the family. There will be a lot of focus on the children too.

Travel and Vacation

The year seems good for travelling and there will be lot of travelling, both domestic and international. Those aspiring to get in to a foreign education may get into a foreign university. Vacations taken with your family will be energizing and will yield good result.

Education and Studies

2024 will be a good year for education for the Librans. The period between  January to April will prove to be the most auspicious and those who appear for an exam  during this period are expected to do well. The second half of the year does not bode too well for academic studies and exams or interviews. Students should put in additional effort for the second half of the year.

Areas of Growth

Thinking positively will serve well for you this year Libra. You will finally learn to realize that you can choose certain things, but how they respond to situations is beyond your control. Jupiter is in your solar twelfth house and will take you in an inner journey where your actions and intentions will come from soul and gut level. It will dawn on you that life is much more serious than fun and foibles and one needs to grow up for that.

Areas of Challenge

The biggest challenge for Librans this year will be the lack of sensitivity in listening to others. You will need to strike a very fine balance regarding everything that you are doing – be that a balance between work and family, or a balance between family and a potential love interest. Try and come out of the solitude that you periodically strive to attain to face the world. You are advised to maintain a stringent account of finances and not overspend.

Areas of Excitement

The biggest area of excitement in this year for the Librans will be traversing the path of self discovery. Tapping into one’s own self to discover absolute joy and validation at the path you have embarked upon, however difficult that may seem at the outset. Career and entrepreneurship or recognition in the workplace will also give a sense of profound happiness, and while at it the name and fame that you will achieve will be exciting. Singles coming in to their potential love interest or life partner will also be extremely interesting and engaging.

Areas of Change

This is a year when you need to learn to make choices as to what you want. What you really want will come to fruition only when you have chosen. You will grow as a human being tapping onto your inner resources to seek out your core values. It will be advisable for you if you can leave your own desires to the shelf behind and listen to what the other close to you, need or seek from you. Do not feel intimated by whatever changes are happening around you, rather learn from them and grow. Do be careful of false promises and false friends. There may be friends known for years, who may prove to be an unknown person. Grow matured to realize the pitfalls.  Do not let unnecessary clog the path of your professional rise and personal growth. This is your year to shine. So lower the level of stress, meditate, stay connected with soul mates and soul friends and rise.

    • Favorable Months – January, February, May, June, August, September, November


    • Unfavorable Months – March, April, July, October, December


    • Favorable Colors – Blue, Jade and Green


    • Lucky Numbers – 5, 6 and 9