New Year celebrations are always a matter of immense joy. It is that feeling of letting go of last year and welcoming a new year filled with 365 days to make ones mark.


As with all New Year, we from also wish that the year 2017 is going to be a phenomenal one for you. The New Year day in 2017 is going to be on a Sunday.

Coming back to the celebration of New Year, it hardly makes any difference whether you are a somber person or one who likes to enjoy living life to the fullest. The New Year day celebration is an occasion, which can hardly pass you by.

The best part of the new year celebrations is that since it is celebrated pan countries across all continents and nations as per the Gregorian calendar, it becomes an universal festivity enjoyed by all. There is no religious fervor, no border conflicts or no other issues marring this one celebration across the world.  The day can be enjoyed by watching the giant Ball Drop in New York, or watching jazzy fireworks or by spending quality time with loved ones.

Since the New Year is going to be on a Sunday, people all over the world would have started making plans and arrangements as to how best to enjoy the day or rather the eve. There will be people who will party like there’s no tomorrow or there would be people who would plan to send a romantic get-away with their loved ones and there would be people ushering in the new year in the comfort of their house with their close family or friends.  Though the first January is an official holiday in most of the countries across the world, this year it will not be required for most places, the day being Sunday.

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Everyone involved in the is absolutely focused in making the advent of 2017 a brilliant one for you. There are planners and calendars for you to download and to work on, so that you can remember all the important milestones around the New Year.  The beautiful new wall papers can spruce up your gadgets as well.

If by any chance you are trying to write down your feelings for that special someone or for your loved ones, or for your colleagues; we have already thought about it and decided to dedicate some for your explicit purpose.  There are quotes, messages and a variety of wishes that can be sent to everyone.  Then there are detailed zodiacs predictions of your own sign, be that love, financial or in general to give you a sneak peek as to what to expect from this year.

Therefore you will be spoilt for choice and left with time to spend with your close people now that we have taken over the planning from your hands. Let us see what ways we can think of the New Year.

  • Quality Time with Your Friends and Family:  reconnecting with family and friends is like going back to the roots. In the busy materialistic worlds that we live in, there is hardly any time for people to connect, sit and talk.  This can be addressed effectively during this time of the year.  You can show your family, friends, loved ones how close they are to you and their importance by spending some quality time with them.  You can also melt their hearts by buying them thoughtful presents or cooking up a storm in the kitchen by preparing their favorite foods.  If you are stuck somewhere then you must ensure to send them something to let them know that they are in your thoughts.
  • Fun, Frolic, Fraternity and Responsibility: this is a time when the fun frolic and feasting quotient goes up majorly, as globally that is what people do. It is an occasion where most people go out to have fun bidding adieu to the old year and ushering in the new. However amidst all this cheer there could be someone who may not be able to have the festive fun this year. This is the time to show your fraternity towards them and also to show your responsibility towards those who may not have the means to enjoy these kind of festive cheer. Start the year with giving a little of your time and your money towards those who may need it… one never knows your simple gifts may come back to you manifold.
  • Virtuous Resolutions: when it comes to ushering in a new year full of 365 days, everyone thinks about making new resolutions to make the coming 365 days more meaningful than the last ones.  This is the time when making plans for doing something meaningful in life comes up.  Apart from self improvement projects and resolutions, one should also keep in mind one’s responsibilities towards people who have been hindered by the society in some way or the other. There could be the lonely people in old age homes, the terminally ill patients or the specially challenged ones to visit once in a while in this year to share your festive spirit. Making people feel wanted and loved is a very step towards fulfilling your social responsibilities.
  • Celebrating New Year the Traditional Way: 1st of January is the New Year day that has been acknowledged by the people globally. This is also celebrated with much fun and frolic all over the world. However there are some culture and some traditions which will offer you much more than just the fun and excitement. There will be small traditional nuances and touches amidst these New year celebrations. We suggest you read them up and if you wish to have a different view of the world, then you visit these places to experience the different feel yourself.