Get a September 2017 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

August 2017September 2017 CalenderOctober 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
          1Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic (Slovakia) 2Ceuta (Spain – regional)Arafat Day (Various)
3Father’s Day (Australia, New Zealand) 4Labour Day (Canada, USA)Onam (India – regional)Eid-al-Adha (Islamic) 5Binara Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka) 6Unification Day (Bulgaria) 7Independence Day (Brazil)Constitution Day (Fiji)Victory Day (Mozambique) 8Asturias (Spain – regional)Independence Day (Macedonia)Feast of Our Lady of Victories (Malta) 9
10Father’s Day (Latvia) 11Ethiopian New Year (Ethiopia)Catalonia (Spain – regional)Knabenschiessen (Switzerland – regional) 12 13 14Holy Cross Day (Christian) 15Independence Day (El Salvador)Day of Our Lady of Sorrows (Slovakia) 16Malaysia Day (Malaysia)Independence Day (Mexico)Martyr’s Day (Libya)
17National Heroes’ Day (Angola)Birthday of the Heir to the Crown (Tonga)Vishwakarma Puja (Hindu) 18Independence Day of Chile (Chile)Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Armenia)Respect for the Aged Day (Japan) 19Army Day (Chile)Mahalaya Amavasya (Hindu)Ancestors Day (Cambodia) 20 21Founders Day (Ghana)Navaratri begins (Hindu)Independence Day (Malta) 22Independence Day (Bulgaria)Autumnal Equinox Day (Japan)Hijra – Islamic New Year (Islamic) 23Oktoberfest (Germany)National Day (Saudi Arabia)
24Saint Rupert (Austria – regional)Constitutional Day (Cambodia)Heritage Day (South Africa) 25Family & Community Day (Australia – regional)Revolution Day Holiday (Mozambique)Saint Nicholas of Flüe (Switzerland – regional) 26September Revolution Day (Yemen) 27Meskel (Ethiopia) 28St Wenceslas Day (Czech Republic) 29Boqueron Battle Victory Day (Paraguay)Michael and All Angels (Christian)Navaratri ends / Maha Navami (Hindu) 30Dussehra (Hindu)Day of Atonement (Israel)


September 2017 Holidays

Sep 01
Day of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
Sep 02
Ceuta (Spain – regional)
Arafat Day (Various)
Sep 03
Father’s Day (Australia, New Zealand)
Sep 04
Labour Day (Canada, USA)
Onam (India – regional)
Eid-al-Adha (Islamic)
Sep 05
Binara Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)
Sep 06
Unification Day (Bulgaria)
Sep 07
Independence Day (Brazil)
Constitution Day (Fiji)
Victory Day (Mozambique)
Sep 08
Asturias (Spain – regional)
Independence Day (Macedonia)
Feast of Our Lady of Victories (Malta)
Sep 10
Father’s Day (Latvia)
Sep 11
Ethiopian New Year (Ethiopia)
Catalonia (Spain – regional)
Knabenschiessen (Switzerland – regional)
Sep 14
Holy Cross Day (Christian)
Sep 15
Independence Day (El Salvador)
Day of Our Lady of Sorrows (Slovakia)
Sep 16
Malaysia Day (Malaysia)
Independence Day (Mexico)
Martyr’s Day (Libya)
Sep 17
National Heroes’ Day (Angola)
Birthday of the Heir to the Crown (Tonga)
Vishwakarma Puja (Hindu)
Sep 18
Independence Day of Chile (Chile)
Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Armenia)
Respect for the Aged Day (Japan)
Sep 19
Army Day (Chile)
Mahalaya Amavasya (Hindu)
Ancestors Day (Cambodia)
Sep 21
Founders Day (Ghana)
Navaratri begins (Hindu)
Independence Day (Malta)
Sep 22
Independence Day (Bulgaria)
Autumnal Equinox Day (Japan)
Hijra – Islamic New Year (Islamic)
Sep 23
Oktoberfest (Germany)
National Day (Saudi Arabia)
Sep 24
Saint Rupert (Austria – regional)
Constitutional Day (Cambodia)
Heritage Day (South Africa)
Sep 25
Family & Community Day (Australia – regional)
Revolution Day Holiday (Mozambique)
Saint Nicholas of Flüe (Switzerland – regional)
Sep 26
September Revolution Day (Yemen)
Sep 27
Meskel (Ethiopia)
Sep 28
St Wenceslas Day (Czech Republic)
Sep 29
Michael and All Angels (Christian)
Boqueron Battle Victory Day (Paraguay)
Navaratri ends / Maha Navami (Hindu)
Sep 30
Dussehra (Hindu)
Day of Atonement (Israel)