Mother’s Day poems are ingenious ways to appeal to your mother or mother figure this Mother’s Day. These lovely verses bring out the essence of the beautiful relationship that a mother shares with her ward/s.

Here are some lovely Mother’s Day Poems:

  1. “M” is for the magnificent woman that she is,
    “O” stands for the optimistic behavior that she has,
    “T” is for the tenacity she has shown,
    “H” is for the heart made of pure gold;
    “E” is for the eyes that are filled with love,
    “R” stands for the right lessons she has taught,
    All of this has made my Mother a perfect woman.
    Happy Mother’s Day
  2. Sky filled with hundreds of stars
    Shores filled with hundreds of shells
    Hundreds of birds will go singing by,
    While hundreds of butterfly fill the sky.
    But one truth will always stay
    My mother is only one, in the whole wide world.
  3. A Mother’s smile can brighten your day
    Her hugs will fill joy into your day
    Her love is one to hold dear and near
    The lessons she taught, the care she gave
    All will fill your life with great happiness
    So cherish the moments that you have spent
    Laughing and enjoying with your Mom
    And keep saying “I love you, Mom”
    Happy Mother’s Day
  4. A Mother is so kind
    She is so caring
    Her love will never stop to flow
    Just like the Mountain Rivers that do flow
    Cherish the hugs and kisses she gives
    For they are more precious than anybody’s Will
    Love this woman who loves you more
    She is your Mother forever and ever more.
  5. Thank You Mother for Everything
    From being my teacher to being my friend
    Your energy surprises me further more
    You never seem tired and stay on the go

    You have been my nurse
    When I was down
    You have been mu guide
    Throughout my life

    How do you do it Mom,
    Be my cook and my mother
    Yet you are the one with whom I share
    All my secrets and much much more

    You have loved me forever
    Taken care of me when I was down under
    Hope you stay with me forever
    Else I will be lost on my own

  6. My mother is my super woman
    She never feels tired
    She never grows old
    Her smile is like the sunshine
    That glows stronger and stronger day by day
    It gives me the strength to go ahead,
    Her eyes is filled with love
    And her heart with Gold
    Hope I grow up to be like you
    Love you Mom forever more.
  7. Your are my mom
    You keep me strong
    You keep me sane
    Mom you are my strength
    And I love you
    Just like you love me too
    Happy Mother’s Day
  8. Sweet as Sugar
    That is my Mom
    Sweeter than Honey
    Would not be wrong
    Gentle like my mom
    That is what I want
    Sharp like a knife is what makes her strong
    Love you Mom forever and ever
    I will be there for you now and forever
  9. As vast as the ocean and the seas
    Would describe my mother’s love appropriately
    Her arms are the shelter I do search
    Whenever I feel down and lost
    I pray to God everyday
    ‘Make me patient like my mother stays’
    Wherever I go
    North, south
    East or West
    You should know I will never forget
    The lessons you taught me
    I will love you always
    My dearest Mom