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New Year Countdown 2019

Counting down the time, especially just before the clock is to strike the midnight, is a tradition that is observed all around the globe.

People count every second in the reverse order and shout Happy New Year to each other the moment the clock strikes 12’o clock. This is a popular tradition to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the New Year.

The day before the New Year, which is popularly known as the New Year Eve, is always full of tradition, fun and excitement.

People party, visit friends and neighbors and exchange gifts to mark the end of another year and pray for happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

In different culture New Year countdown is celebrated in different ways and without fail people will welcome 2019 in their own respective traditions.

Remembering the tradition there will be 2019 New Year countdown to welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm.
[ujicountdown id=”Newyear” expire=”2018/01/01 00:00″ hide=”true” url=””]

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