Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is considered as one of the best hangout zones on the planet to be in, on the occasion of New Year. Some of the most enthralling and memorable moments of life and of New Year can undoubtedly be experienced in Berlin.

It is a very special part of the year for the natives of Berlin, and they put in their every possible bit to ensure that Berlin ends up organizing the grandest and biggest New Year of the planet. Berlin, being considered as a rich and dynamic city with profoundly followed cultures and traditions, reflects the same with its New Year celebrations.

Berlin Open Air New year Party

The highlighting aspect of New Year celebrations in Berlin is the open-air party, which is stated to be the largest and biggest of its kind in the world. This party is organized at the Brandenburg Gate, a prominent landmark in the history and present of Germany as well as Berlin.

More than a million of live spectators and visitors from all corners of the world come to Berlin to be a part of this astonishing and one of its kind New Year celebration. The character and passion with which this open air party is celebrated is incomparable to any of the parties organized anywhere in the world.

Other New Year Celebrations in Berlin

Apart from this majestic and thunderous merriment at Brandenburg Gate, almost all the discotheques, clubs, hotels, and restaurants throw special New Year parties on the occasion. These parties begin a day before on New Year’s Eve, and go on till the dawn of the first morning of the New Year.

Also, several stage shows and live performances are organized at some major points in town, which have eminent national and international Deejays, performers, magicians, singers, dancers, rock bands, and pop bands performing, showcasing their talent, and entertaining the crowds.

People in Berlin believe to party hard, and therefore they tend to just about prove it every time with their party ways. They drink, dance, sing, celebrate, and make noise to mark their bid of farewell to the Old Year, and ensure a grand welcome to the New Year. These parties are well supported by spectacular show of fireworks, which are blown and burnt exactly at the midnight. Lots of efforts and endless days go in to plan and prepare such splendid show of fireworks.

The eye grabbing laser and light shows as organized on New Year’s Eve are also eagerly awaited by everyone. With thousand of fireworks going up in the sky in concord with beautiful laser lights, the scene as created on Berlin sky by no means can be afforded to miss by anyone, more so on an occasion welcoming New Year. Apart from the socially organized shows of fireworks, children and young people also engage in bursting up firecrackers in their neighborhood and on streets.

The Biggest New Year Party in Berlin

The biggest party of the New Year in Berlin is floored in Pariser Platz on the face of Brandenburg Gate. It is a 1.2 mile long floored party, with several dancing floors, stages, and bars at constant intervals over it. The party begins at around 6.30 on New Year’s Eve and goes on till the wee hours of the next day. Prominent chefs from all over the world gather to be a part of the special food fairs, as well as parties thrown at various places, to serve everyone with varied dishes of different cultures and regions.

So, if you have any haze plans to have your New Year 2019 in the majestic city of Berlin, then quickly confirm them. Do make sure to reach the party place quickly to ensure that you get the best seat in the crowd, and the best view of the performers.

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