Dreams are what our unconscious or subconscious mind thinks. Dreams are related to highest forms of pure emotions. It is no wonder that human feelings and emotions find place in dreams.

The interesting part is that more often than not these dreams have inner messages to convey that go deeper than merely the emotions portrayed.

Here is a comprehensive list of human emotions and the corresponding symbolisms that they express when they appear in a dream expressed in a concise manner for easy understanding –

Feelings Interpretation in dreams
  It may actually speak of your dislike towards something or someone. It may also suggest that good intentions and morality is giving way to selfish attitude gradually.
Amorous Your desire for pleasure that is illicit.
Animosity Immorality and revaluation of your ways of life.
Annoyance Rivalry and conspiracy.
Anxiety Unexpressed emotions and feeling of being overwhelmed.
Betrayal Symbolizes your insecurity about something – a situation or a relationship. It may also suggest that you fear or suspect betrayal from someone.
Compassion You need to muster empathy
Confusion This may actually represent any confusion that you feel in your waking life. It may also indicate that you are facing contradictory situations in life or are having opposing ideas in your mind and are unsure how to tackle the situation.
Delight A feeling of pleasantness in your waking life or the fact that you have gained some success in life.
Depression This indicates that you are unsure of how to deal with the consequences of your actions in your waking life. It may also indicate that there are some disturbing factors in your waking life which you are not being able to resolve.
Despair Indicates that you or someone who is close to you is facing some kind of hardship in waking life.
Devotion Reminder to stay in the path of honesty.
Disapproval Symbolizes that you are rejecting something or someone in your waking life. It may also indicate that there are some traits within yourself or some act you have done that you dislike.
Distress This may be symbolic representation of unhappiness that you feel in your waking life. It speaks of your worries. It tells you to let your hair down.
  Indicative of any uneasy feeling that you have in your waking life. It symbolizes vulnerability. May also suggest lack of confidence.
Envy This may be actual representation of your feelings in waking life towards someone or something. It may also indicate that you feel that you are not getting the respect or success that you deserve.
Fear This is metaphoric representation of the various anxieties that you feel. It may also symbolize that your achievements have not been as much as you had wished for. It may also indicate your fear for any kind of change or transition.
Frustration Expresses your inability to cope up with something that you are facing in your waking life.
Guilt You feel that you have achieved something that you do not deserve. It may also be suggestive of the way you handle your success and failures.
Happy On one hand it may represent your merriment in waking life. On the other hand it may symbolize your desire for happiness in your waking life – in which case it is suggestive of the sadness that is currently enveloping you.
Hunger This symbolizes unfulfilled desires and wants in waking life. It may also indicate your need for love, appreciation and recognition.
Jealousy You feel vulnerable emotionally. It may also suggest that you actually feel jealous about something or someone in your waking life.
Joy Represents harmony and gaiety in your waking life.
Lazy You feel drained mentally or physically and you should take some break.
Love On one hand it can be an expression of your happiness and contentment and signify that you are loved in your waking life. On the other hand it can be expression of your yearning for love and sense of belonging.
Malice It may be an expression of some negative feelings that are repressed in you. it may also suggest that you feel malice towards some person or about certain situation.
Melancholy It may indicate that you feel disappointed. It may also indicate that you are feeling distant from those around you.
Merry Symbolizes your happiness and positivity in waking life, and also may suggest success and gainful engagements.
Morose Perhaps you feel pessimistic about life or the world at large. It may also indicate that you are unhappy about your present situation in life or the company you keep.
Mortified You are probably trying hard to keep up to an image of yourself that you want to portray, but in vain.
Nausea Indicative of ill health. May also suggest that you are trying to take your hands off something.
Numbness Generally indicative of poor health conditions.
Pain It may suggest that you are in pain – physical or mental. It may also symbolize that you are being too judgmental on yourself and being harsh too.
Panic Indicative of a feeling of helplessness or lack of control over some situation or your life overall.
  This speaks of hesitation or lack of confidence to move on in life. It may also be suggestive of anxiety, fear or suspicion that you may have regarding what is awaiting for you next in your life.
Peace It may be indicative of the fact that you have been able to resolve an inner conflict or find resolution to some problem in life. It may also suggest of new phase in life or new endeavor. Symbolizes stability and tranquility.
Pride It symbolizes strength of character and integrity.
Rage This symbolizes how you feel in your waking life. This may also symbolize discontent or disagreement in your relationship.
Rejection When you are rejecting, then you are trying to get rid of something or someone. When you are being rejected it speaks of your lack of confidence. It may also be an urge to be more assertive.
Sad Suggestive of your real feelings in life. It may warn you to discard negative thoughts. It may also advice you to learn what causes you sadness and then move on to seek happiness.
Suffocation Problem in any relationship. It may even mean that there would be a rift between you and someone you consider dear to you.
Temptation Suggestive of envy.
Terror Forewarning of disappointment or loss of some kind.
Tipsy Apart from being a reflection upon your own characteristics it may also tell of the fact that you need to be careful in choosing your words, company or decisions. Or it may simply denote your cheerful disposition.
Warmth Warmth is a symbolic representation of contentment and happiness generically prevailing in your life. It also speaks of hope and that you are blessed with unconditional love in your life.
Yearn When someone yearns for you it is indicative of a romantic proposal and those may even amount to marriage. When you see you are yearning for someone, it means that you feel contented with the present state of affairs in your love life.

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