Food is an integral part of human life and eating is a common experience. Naturally it should not come as a surprise that food is reported very frequently to be appearing in human dreams.

However when you see food in your dreams it does not necessarily mean that you are hungry or you are wanting to have the particular kind of food that you see in your dreams or you are desiring for more nutrition.

Psychologists have related food dreams to various emotional symbolisms. Here are a few connotations that your food dream can symbolize –

  • Assimilation of information – When you eat food you have to digest it. This is the case with life’s experiences too. Whatever you go through in life you need to take that to your stride for proper assimilation. Food dreams may be an indication of all the information that you need to digest. If you have been thinking about an issue a lot or haven’t been able to accept or register something, you may be having food related dreams.


  • Relationships – When you see food dreams that involve social gathering – for example, family dinner, picnic with friends, barbequing at the park etc – this perhaps is a symbolic representation of the various shades of your relationships. Food is a good thing, and when you are sharing that with your family and friends, it indicates that you are enjoying your relationships. A meal in isolation may be symbolic of a feeling of solitude or alienation. A meal where you see people arguing or uncomfortable with each other may bear the message of trouble in your relationship. If you see food that is stale or has been spoilt, it indicates the status of certain relationships.


  • Anxiety about not getting what you desire – When you are hungry you try to obtain food. If you cannot obtain food, you feel worried or frustrated. If there is something that you want out of life that you cannot procure it may get symbolically represented in a food dream. It could be anything – for example – a want for love and affection, a desire for sensuality, a hunger for success.


  • New endeavors – If you see breakfast in your dreams, more often than not it indicates new endeavors that you may be planning to take up, or new relationships or a new stage of life that you are experiencing.


  • Indulgence – Depending upon context, on one hand it can indicate that you are indulging in life’s simple pleasures, and in the other hand it can indicate that you need to take your life a little more seriously.


  • Fertility – When you dream of food items like eggs and seeds, it indicates of fertility. By fertility it could be the literal manifestation at a time when you are planning to have a baby or perhaps are struggling with fertility issues. At other times it could mean fertility of mind, that is, flourish of your creativity.


However, as Freud pointed out, there are times when your food dream may actually try to tell you that your body needs more nutrition. Perhaps you are starving yourself, or perhaps what you provide to your body is inadequate. It may also be a message for you to reconsider your diet plan.

Each food item has been identified by psychologists to convey different symbolisms in dreams. Here is a comprehensive list of food items and the meanings they convey in dreams –

Food Interpretation
Almonds Eating signifies enrichment and success. Almond in tree speaks of your happiness and perhaps impending engagement or wedding.
Apples Apple has been linked to wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. It could also symbolize prosperity. From biblical point of view, apple suggests fertility. Apple blossoms represent blooming of good times.
Apricot Denial of something or an impending misfortune or unpleasantness.
Asparagus Prosperity and contentment
Bacon You perhaps have been blessed with all the staples that are needed for a contented life.
Bananas Banana represents your sexual urge. Banana peels in dreams is a warning not to make mistakes. Eating bananas however symbolize upcoming financial gains.
Blueberries Symbolizes youth and your urge to relive those golden years. Depending on the context it could either make you feel optimistic and happy or desolate and depressed.
Bread You are blessed with the basic necessities of life and have learnt a lot of positive things in life’s journey; or you may need to “rise for the occasion”.
Butter You are craving for simple pleasures of life.
Cabbage This forewarns of a period when you should not undertake any property related transactions.
Cake Suggests of accomplishments but perhaps you have been selfish in your journey to success and should learn to acknowledge people who have contributed in this journey.
Candy Joys and indulgences of life. May also refer to forbidden pleasure.
Carrot Abundance in life
Cheese Symbolizes prosperity but can also be suggestive of lame efforts depending on the context of the dreamer’s life. Or perhaps you need to smile a little more often or take life a little lightly.
Cherry Speaks of honesty, good fortune, successes and truthfulness. May also indicate sweetness of nature.
Chocolate Self pampering and celebration. It may also signify love. Or perhaps it is a forewarning that you need to bring in some restrains in your lifestyle.
Coconut Unexpected financial gain, especially by means of a gift.
Cookies Depending on the context it may mean that you are letting small issues bother you. It may also speak of indulgences that you feel guilty about.
Corn May signify abundance and growth or fertility.
Dessert Life’s little pleasures and indulgences.
Eggs Depending on context it may either mean creativity or fertility. Broken eggs symbolize feeling vulnerable. A lot of eggs symbolize prosperity.
Fish Fish symbolizes spirituality and also nourishment.
Figs Associated with positivity and sensuality.
Flour It suggests that you may not be very prosperous but you are happy with what life has given you.
Fruits Fruits are generally symbolic of growth, gains and prosperity. But when you see bitter fruits it may indicate loss. Rotten fruits symbolize missed opportunities. Fruits with seeds speak of fertility.
Garlic Symbolizes practicality, sensibility and security.
Gooseberries Positive outlook towards life and capability of taking hurdles to your stride.
Grapefruit Refreshment of the body and mind. Replenishing your talents or beliefs.
Grapes Indicative of prosperity bordering opulence and abundance. You are also eager to share your happiness with others. You are someone whose hard work is blessed with rewards. Your hopes and dreams come true.
Ham You are in need of more energy or you need some more attention, or perhaps there are some emotional issues that need to be addressed.
Ice Cream You are blessed with good luck and you are satisfied with the way your life is. You are enjoying your life and you should savor each moment. It may also denote professional success and romantic pleasures. Melting ice cream however speaks of desires and wants gone sour.
Icing Something that is superficial – behavior or relationships. Suggestive of finishing touches to perfect any endeavor.
Jam Sweet new discoveries and may also symbolize a happy home and hearth.
Jelly Something pleasant would happen in your life.
Lemonade Any argument or disagreement that you are involved in needs proper handling – calm down and tackle in a mature manner.
Legumes You are facing minor issues in life.
Lemons Problem with the quality of your life of relationships.
Lentils Fertility, immortality and humanity.
Lettuce May symbolize abundance and perhaps suggestive of the fact that you need to stick to the simple living concept even in times of abundance.
Limes Temporary lull period. But if you can endure this, good times shall follow soon.
Lollipop Life’s simple little pleasures and adventures that make life more colorful.
Macaroni Reminiscent of the happy and comfortable times of easy living.
Mango Mango is representative of romance and sensuality.
Marmalade Denotes illness or unhappiness in domestic life.
Meat Raw meat represents the obstacles that you have to face before you see light of success. Cooked meat says that you have solved the problem. Spilt meat says that you have lost the opportunity.
Melon Fertility. Urging you to take life a little more seriously.
Milk Maternal feelings or instincts. Over protective feeling. Trust and loyalty. Sour milk suggests loss of trust.
Molasses Happy home and hearth, welcoming hospitality. Slow progression.
Muffins Denotes diligence and that your hard work would bring results and rewards.
Mulberry Symbolizes unexpected hurdle that would delay your success.
Mushroom Unwise decisions or unhealthy options. Lack of sustainability.
Mustard Financial prosperity or hasty action.
Noodles Abundance and nourishment. Longevity.
Nuts Confusion and mayhem. Sexual innuendo.
Oatmeal Control over destiny and financial gains.
Olive Health and healing. Peace and prosperity. Overcoming obstacles.
Omelets Happy start to a day and also indicates that you are on the right track. Also indicative of the fact that to gain something you may have to lose or sacrifice something.
Onions If you are looking for solution to some problem you shall have to deal with multiple layers before you reach the right solution. A complicated state of mind where it is difficult to understand what exactly is going on in the mind. A crucial situation in life that you feel is too covered up for your comprehension.
Orange Health, prosperity and contentment with your position in life.
Oysters On one hand it can symbolize simplicity, humility and prosperity, while on the other hand it may be suggestive of laid back attitude. It may also warn you to retain your moral values even while you are pursuing worldly pleasures.
Pasta Pasta says that you should refill your energy.
Peach This suggests of happiness and prosperity.
Pepper You are either irritated with a certain situation in life, or you are leading a life that is too monotonous and your subconscious is sending you a message conveying your innate want or need to add some variety to spice up your life.
Pickle Anxiety over a situation that you are more or less sure that you shall not be able to handle.
Pie Your hard work would be rewarded.
Pineapple Confidence and ambition that would lead to success. Hospitable behavior.
Pizza Spoilt of choices.
Pomegranate Virility, fertility, good health, prosperity, longevity.
Popcorn Positive growth, creative ideas, possibilities to explore.
Potato Simplicity and grounded to the earth attitude. Trouble with finances.
Potato Chips Over indulgent lifestyle.
Pretzel Devotions and diligence and would lead to simple rewards and contented living.
Prunes Emotional block. Lack of creativity.
Radish Abundance and prosperity.
Raisins Old Age. Negative forces working to delay your success.
Raspberry Something precious and delicate.
Rice Peace, prosperity and good relationships.
Rum Lack of class or morality or virtuous values. Overindulgence.
Rye Prosperity and tranquility with respect to home and hearth.
Saffron Deceit in a relationship. Peaceful resolution of any problem.
Sage Frugal and practical attitude. Loss of finances.
Salad Your need to reach out to a healthy and natural way of living.
Salad Dressing The need to add some glamour quotient in your life.
Salami Indicates problem with your self confidence, perception or in your conjugal life.
Salt New experiences and vigor. Loyalty and dependability. Longevity.
Sandwich Anxiety and stress.
Shrimp Feeling of being overpowered. Vulnerability.
Spaghetti Abundance and prosperity. Longevity.
Spices Your need or want for variety in life.
Steak Represents animal instincts and perhaps indicates that you need to use your instincts more.
Strawberries Love and sensuality, lust and desires, feminine traits.
Sugarcane Good omen indicating good health and social acceptance.
Syrup Symbolizes sentiments and reminiscent attitude. It may also warn that you are in a troublesome situation.
Tea A satisfied frame of mind. Taking it slow while deciding upon something.
Tofu You are versatile and adaptable, and perhaps you are more inclined towards and healthy lifestyle.
Tomatoes Harmony and happiness in life along with good health.
Turnips Symbolic of wealth, compassion and positive attitude, a medley of which would see you come across flying colors in your journey of life.
Vegetables May symbolize a state of inactiveness or perhaps hints at your need for more nourishment.
Vinegar Something going sour – opportunities or relationships.
Wafer You need some variety in life or you shall feel more and more monotonous.
Walnut You feel that you are mentally exhausted. Your labor may not meet with success.
Watermelon Pregnancy or menstrual cycle. Love, desire, passion.
Wheat Prosperity and abundance. That you shall be blessed with many opportunities and you shall achieve success.
Whiskey Alertness and protectiveness of nature that makes you take careful steps at all times.
Wine Festive spirits and celebrations. Companionship and familial love. Success and prosperity.
Yam Sensuality and virility.

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