Numbers when they appear in your dream probably are suggestive of the fact that you need to be more logical in life and organize your life more methodically.

When you dream of numbers, your subconscious is basically trying to convey this message to your waking mind that you probably need to control the ratio of speculation and imagination and replace them with logic.

You need to bring back your wandering mind to focus and concentrate on the ways of your life and find for it a definite purpose and direction. When we speak of the world of numbers the notions that come to our mind are that of formulae, equations, strategies based on principles, theorems, linear method of thinking etc.

When numbers appear in your dreams these are the traits that they wish to direct you to so as to give your life a focused purpose. Each and every number when they appear in dreams bears meanings that go deep. It is essential that you understand such meanings and thereby take control over your own life.

  • Focus at a personal level


Numbers represent the fact that you need to add on what is essential to get the end result. It is the way that you slowly build up your life. Every single thing under the sun and even beyond it has been explained by scientist by simple numeric logic. Even art forms like music have a definite theory of progression. Each and every thing on earth can be explained via simple numeric sequences when broken down, and then again can be reconstructed to give it its original form. But man needed a definite way to describe these physical phenomena, and as such nine numbers were created. These are whole numbers that when shuffled in different sequences can be used to express a lot of things like pull of gravity, speed of light or sound and many such more life changing occurrences. At a simpler level, when you assign a number to your house, it forms an address which helps to locate your home, when someone assigns a number thereby grading your work you understand where your performance ranks in comparison to others, so on and so forth. So in the bottom line, numbers gives your life more discipline and focus. This is the base of interpreting your dreams that include the nine whole numbers. Now let us consider numbers that have more digits involved. In such case, the principle of numerology is mostly applied to derive the meaning of such dream. This is to say that the digits of the numbers are added till a single digit result is obtained. For example – 129 would break down to 1 + 2 + 9 = 12  1 + 2 = 3.


  • When numbers are repeated


When numbers get repeated in your dreams it is emphasis upon the traits that are shown by the number in itself as per methods of numerology. Before we go into that, we have to understand what we mean by repeating number. Examples of repeating numbers could be – 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 etc. It has been established by psychologists that such repeated numbers appear in your dreams in cases where you are going through a transitional phase of your life. It is indicative that soon you are about to turn a new leaf over and experience a whole new innings of life. It could also be symbolic representation of the fact that henceforth things would start lining up for you. It could also be an emphasis on the meaning of the actual number appearing in it – for example, 1 in case of 11, 2 in case of 22, so on and so forth.


  • Here is a list of the basic numbers and what each of them can denote


Remember this is the way whereby you can attach significance to every number you wish to examine. But you have to carefully analyze the structure thereof. Each digit you shall find is an expansion of the previous one and would give you powerful messages as you use them to interpret your dreams.

Numbers Interpretations
0 or Zero Zero is representative of emptiness. It means “nothing” – it is often a term that is used to express some kind of void in one’s life. For example, when we mean to say that someone has not achieved any success, we often say the person is a big zero. However there can be a different connotation of the digit also. It may represent infinity and eternity. As such zero in dreams may mean timelessness and sense of super consciousness. It may also symbolize a sense of fulfillment since zero resembles a circle, and can also mean counterproductive actions.
1 or One One is the beginning of numbers and as such can symbolically represent a starting point or the beginning of one’s existence. However, one may also denote loneliness. Since this denotes the beginning of a journey it if a phase that has a lot of energy to it. However energy alone will not transform into action. This number represents the calmness before the whirlwind of action. One also expresses superiority.
2 or Two When another joins the number 1 the number 2 is created, and as such it denotes the beginning of a partnership. This is the number from which the concept of relativity springs up. The one now has the knowledge and understanding of the concept of self, for there exists someone else who the one recognizes to be the other. As such the number 2 is all about duality and partnerships, contradictions and sharing, harmony and comparisons.
3 or Three When the two join hands, the combination of their energy gives rise to the new element which gets labeled as three. Three as such is considered to be a symbolic representation of creativity. Three is considered to contain very powerful energy. Three is expressed as the union of mother and father that creates the child. Three is also expressed as the writer, the words that culminate into a piece that is a coherent read; a painter, some colors and the painting – likewise, any work of creation can be expressed through the number three. Even in music the trine is considered to be the simplest yet the sweetest form of harmony. Even in geometry you need three points to actually locate a defined space. The challenge that three brings along with it is the tendency to go away from reality in its urge to create.
4 or Four Four is a number that is a symbolic representation of structure. Three is what satisfies the creative desire. Now it is time to give a strong foundation to the creation. It is the power of four that results into solidification. It forms the founding base on which all the three can seek support. Four is a number that represents methods and rules, institutions and regulations. However, this number comes with the limitation of having too much restraint.
5 or Five Five is the number that represents freedom. Before five, four gave everything a strong base and structure. Because of that five now has the safe and secure ground on which it can explore. Five as such can be expressive. Human body is represented by the number five – a head that is supported by the four limbs. Five also represents a sense of joy and gaiety. However with so much freedom there comes the chance of indulgence, which can lead to compulsion or addiction.
6 or Six Six is a number of collaboration, equilibrium and harmony. The energy of six is often considered to be the bonding of two threes. This is a number that symbolically represents partnerships of all kinds. It has the capacity to integrate opposite forces and create a balance. But then with so much responsibility comes the feeling of being burdened.
7 or Seven Seven is a number that symbolizes the various human expressions. It also denotes spirituality and is linked with high thinking. Seven gives the power to think, contemplate and understand everything from a higher level of perception. Seven has the tendency to lose touch with the reality and this is what can cause trouble.
8 or Eight Eight symbolizes infinity or abundance. This encompasses all the spheres that life can offer. However, when all your desires are satisfied there can emerge greed for more which can go out of control creating disharmony and imbalance in life.
9 or Nine Nine is the number that speaks of a sense of completion. All things on earth must end methodically so that new beginnings can happen. Nine is the symbolism for such cyclic nature of life and the universe at large where the old always paves way for the new. Here the satisfying sense of completeness is shadowed to some degree with the anxiety of the end.

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