The Tiger is among the twelve year Chinese cycle of animals as per the Chinese Astrology. The Chinese Horoscope Tiger holds a prominent position and stands third in the Chinese zodiac that follows the Chinese calendar.

Those born under the Year of the Tiger happen to be sensitive, loving and emotional. They are very competitive, more so when it comes to saving ones respect or honor or protecting a loved one.

On one hand they love independence and on the other they like to dominate in relationships especially. They have a strong sense of dignity along with the strong desire to take up challenges. These qualities make them born leaders. They are very alert and restless and alert.

They are not afraid of taking up any risk for achieving what they want. The other traits of the people of the Chinese Horoscope include honesty, generosity towards friends and passionate towards lovers. They also expect other people to be honest. Disapproval or criticism is something that upsets the Tigers.

Tiger and the Five Elements

  • Water Tiger: 8 February 1902 – 28 January 1903
  • Wood Tiger: 26 January 1914 – 13 February 1915
  • Fire Tiger: 13 February 1926 – 1 February 1927
  • Earth Tiger: 31 January 1938 – 18 February 1939
  • Metal Tiger: 17 February 1950 – 5 February 1951
  • Water Tiger: 5 February 1962 – 24 January 1963
  • Wood Tiger: 23 January 1974 – 10 February 1975
  • Fire Tiger: 9 February 1986 – 28 January 1987
  • Earth Tiger: 28 January 1998 – 15 February 1999
  • Metal Tiger: 15 February 2010 – 2 February 2011
  • Water Tiger: 1 February 2022 – 21 January 2023


Metal Tiger

Metal Tigers are competitive, assertive and sharp. They would do anything to achieve their goal and also to be the center of attraction. They jump into conclusions very easily.

Wood Tiger

Wood Tigers usually get along well with others. The company of Wood Tigers is enjoyed by others. Wood Tigers are very giving, compassionate and ready to help others, always.

Water Tiger

Water Tigers are sensitive, tranquil and value the opinion of others. There intuitive power helps them in judging every situation.

Fire Tiger

Fire Tigers are expressive, eccentric, vibrant and positive. They have the ability generate that excitement in other people. They are great leaders.

Earth Tiger

Earth Tigers are grounded into reality and don’t get carried away easily. They are focused and evaluative that helps them in gaining success.

Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Chinese Horoscope Tiger – Personality

Taking the third position in the Chinese Zodiac as per the Chinese Astrological Sign, the Tiger signifies personality traits such as competitiveness, bravery and unpredictability. Be it saving their honor or their loved one, the Tigers would take up any challenge. One should not be fooled by the calm nature of the tigers. If the need be so, Tigers wont spare anyone. They are stubborn and born leaders. Sometimes they might be little selfish. They are generous, intelligent, alert, charming and well-liked. They are not much encouraged by power or money.

Chinese Horoscope Tiger – Health

Tigers tend to work too much at a go, which leaves them exhausted at the end. This approach towards work often leads them into problems regarding their health. Tigers are required to follow a balanced approach in life and efficiently utilize their energy.

Chinese Horoscope Tiger – Career

Having the tendency and need to be always faced with challenges, people under the Tiger, frequently change jobs. Flourishing career for the tigers include office manager, travel agent, advertising agent, actor, artist, writer, pilot, musician, comedian, flight attendant and chauffeur.

Chinese Horoscope Tiger – Relationships

When it comes to relationships, Tigers are polite, expressive and trustworthy. They won’t be boring to their partners. However, Tigers are usually dominating in their relationships. This instinctive tendency can however be monitored and controlled.

  • Tiger and Rat

Even though a Tiger and a Rat enjoys a strong friendship, yet chances are there that the good times ate blurred down owing to temper tantrums.

  • Tiger and Tiger

Tiger and Tiger are very creative and dominant and hence ignite the curiosity and interest of each other.

  • Tiger and Ox

Though initially drawn to each other, yet a Tiger and an Ox should never think of a relationship.

  • Tiger and Rabbit

Tiger and Rabbit make up a good match.

  • Tiger and Snake

You are poles apart and entirely on different paths.

  • Tiger and Horse

Individuals born under the Tiger when pair up with Horse is headed towards an exciting and interesting life together.

  • Tiger and Dragon

Tiger and a Dragon make up a brave combination with immense fire to keep them interested and attracted to each other.

  • Tiger and Sheep

Tiger and Sheep when in a relationship would never open up completely or even try to make it work.

  • Tiger and Rooster

Little communication often results in serious issues in a relationship between those born under the Tiger and Rooster .

  • Tiger and Dog

Respect and admiration is what makes the relationship between a Tiger a Dog going. The combination is definitely a winning combination.

  • Tiger and Monkey

Tiger and Monkey should never think of a relationship together.

  • Tiger and Pig

Friendship and humor is what makes the relationship of a tiger and a pig a successful one.

Chinese Horoscope Rat at a Glance

Position In The Chinese Horoscope
Chinese Name
East, Northeast
Next Reigning Year
Western Horoscope Counterpart
Month symbolized by Tiger
Tiger Lucky Color
Tiger Lucky Number
Two, Three
Tiger Lucky Gemstone
Ascendant Hour Of Birth
3am To 4:59am
Yang (Male)
Negative Characteristics Of Tiger
Reckless, Selfish, Impatient, Quick-Tempered, Impulsive, Quarrelsome, Aggressive, Rebellious
Positive Characteristics Of Tiger
Fearless, Independent, Courageous, Strong, Energetic, Sacrificing, Confident, Faithful, Leadership
Most Compatible Signs For Tiger
Horse, Dog, Tiger, Pig
Most Incompatible Signs For Tiger
Snake, Monkey
Ideal Career For Tiger
Actors, Advertising, Musicians, Writers, Entrepreneur, Manager, Travel Agents, Politicians, Flight Attendants
Famous Tiger People
Tom Cruise, Jodie Foster, Mel Brooks, Stevie Wonder, Karl Marx, Paula Abdul, Princess Anne, Marilyn Monroe, Agatha Christie, Queen Elizabeth II

Chinese Horoscope 2019

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