The astral indication shows that clearly 2017 will be a year which is going to be super pocket friendly.  There will be new opportunities at work along with new financial opportunities.


Planetary Placements

Saturn and Venus being in the professional sector will bring in lot of professional success and in its wake monetary gains. Astral indications signify that there will be a substantial boost to professional and financial sphere this year.

The new avenues of opportunity that is coming up for venturing should be opted for as the stars signify that this year will be very good for financial pursuits and success. Planetary positions will be in your favor as the Sun makes a direct trine to your house of finance thereby energizing it. The chances of earning big are highlighted this year.

There is the clear indication that not only the earning will be good but there will be some planned savings too this year. Though the spending will be high, yet there are savings indicated too in this year. Take care to plan your finances in an organized manner so that you can save in spite of the higher outflow of money.

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Professions that may bring you more money

If you are working in these industry or have investment interests in the following companies then you will do very well. These are as follows – cement, oil, manufacturing or engineering related companies or industries. These and subsidiary channels or ancillary companies will do well.

Let us now have a look at how the monthly financial horoscope of those born under the sign of Leo in 2017 looks like.


  • January – Your 7th House will become powerful, while your 1st House of Self will be empty. Resources seem status quo this month. Money seems to come from work. Your time to obtaining wealth depends on the favor of others. All wealth is waiting for you.
  • February – Earnings offered can come from others – your social connections or near and dear ones. Job-seekers had good attitudes last month and the trend continue for this month also. Now is the time to make your career dreams. For the unemployed, finding work seems a number one priority.
  • March – Your 7th House of the Other is still strong. Financially, this is a period for helping others to prosper, paying off debt and eliminating financial waste and needless expense. Some offers will come that will enhance your wealth.
  • April – The planetary power is starting to reach its maximum. Your 10th House of Career becomes capable. Status and prestige will increase by your effort. Pay rises are more likely next month than now. There seems to be good co-operations with your parents or authority figures for wealth.
  • May – This is a time to press for promotion, pay rises and other career aims. Your 10th House of Career is capable. Revenue looks strong for this time. Your financial confidence visualization is back. You make rapid progress towards your financial goals. Your financial horizons are expanded. Many will have educational offers that enhance your wealth.
  • June – After 11th wealth inspiration plays a major role and auspices looks good. There will be more charitable giving as well. Professional investors should look at poverty, the building trend and estate. Agencies for profit opportunities.
  • July – Resources are good for this month, but your financial planet, Mercury, will start to go retrograde in 23rd. So try to wrap up important purchases, investments and financial commitments before then. There can be a change for a foreign tour.
  • August – Your Money House will become more powerful. You have an interest in your finance and earnings. You are in charge of your economical destiny now. Earnings of your might come from your career. Financial Planet is still restored.
  • September – Your financial planet moves forward speedily this month. Money House of your natal chart is strong until 22nd. There is prosperity. It is a time for good economical judgment, confidence and clarity as well. You need to make good financial decisions.
  • October – Financial planning and thinking change. Focus on your work for increasing money. Your earning through your job, finance is good. There can be a chance to you for changing the job. Your 4th House is even stronger than last month. Your ability to help others and to see their financial needs is a great career.
  • November – Financial planet is the 5th House. Most of the month’s shows easy money earned in good and positive ways. Perhaps, through your personal creativity. So try to roll together for important financial dealings or purchases before then. This is a mixed month for finances. Speculations are favorable until 11th but avoid them after then.
  • December – Finances are strong this month. Mercury moves forward on 4th, bringing clarity and good judgment, decision making into your economical life. On 12th Mercury will move into widespread and prosperous. Money is earned in easy and good ways. Professional investors should look at banks, travel companies, gold and gaming for profit offers.