Monthly Horoscope 2017 is an absolute sure-fire way to help to translate what the astral directions guide us with. It tells us how each of the signs will be affected by various positioning of the planets and also what we can look forward to on a given month. It is a ready reckoner for what is about to happen.

During each month of the year there would be ups and downs, and those aspects have been kept in mind before drawing up the horoscopes for 2017.

  • Aries – This is a month when career is super strong. In the love front people of eminence and position who are helpful for your career woo you. Health seems a little stressed, therefore you should take things slow. You should be careful about your temper and learn to manage your stress.
  • Taurus – The house of career is strong and ambitions run high. Family planet is elevated, clearly signaling that there will be lot of support from your family this year. There will be some kind of achievement this month and health mostly remains good.  Earnings will be good and only get better.
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  • Gemini – Ambitions are extremely strong this month and will only keep getting stronger. It is advised of you to lower your ego sensitivity this month and bring in the need to be able to adapt to situations. Love will be bitter sweet and or spend time with hobbies or children. Pay close attention to your thigh and your liver this month.

  • Cancer – you are becoming more and more ambitious and in this month are seeking some outer happiness than the home and family oriented success. However love will be really smooth with your partner taking the initiative of being extra nice to you. Finances will be in a status quo situation, and the health will need to be watched.
  • Leo –   You will leave aside your career related stress and focus more on your family and will seek out your comfort zone. There could be some construction work around the house. Health wise, one should concentrate on knees, teeth, and spine, breast and stomach areas.  Keep a watch on your temper which may get out of hand.
  • Virgo – This is a time to lie a little low and create your home base and get things in order.  There could be some construction around the house and the tempers are all frayed. Love will be good this month, though will not be stable. Health will be good but pay attention to feet, lungs, arms, intestines and shoulders.
  • Libra – There is a bit of a tug of war this month between your home life and your career.  You may have to pay more time to your family but career also demands time. You will gain the cooperation of friends and family. Health however will remain delicate and you should avoid stress. Finances look good as does love this month.
  • Scorpio – This is a time when the emotional needs being fulfilled will figure higher on your list than outer career successes.  There is ample money coming in from work, social contacts or your lover. Love is also favored and will be blessed. Health will be good,
  • Sagittarius – You are for once in charge of your own life and can carve your own niche. However there is a danger that you may over and misuse your potent power now. You are also in a career high at this time. Since passion will run high it is advisable for you to keep calm.
  • Capricorn – it is a month full of contradiction where you have unusual power and do not really need anyone’s help; but surprisingly enough you need them. career at this juncture is not much of a priority yet there will be no dearth of money. Health will be more of a personal preference now.
  • Aquarius – The stars are nudging you to have your own way and to go for what you want.  You seem to be in midst of a transitional phase when it comes to your career this month.  However love looks good, in fact there will be serious love. Finances are also going to come to you than vice versa.
  • Pisces – This is a spiritual phase that you are in. but you also know that running away from problems is not the solution. Therefore you will be also interested in career and focusing in it too.  Love will be a happy phase to be in and finances will pour in. take care of your health, then it will be smooth going.