Diwali, the festival of light and sound, is celebrated lavishly throughout India. People worship Goddess Laxmi, and perform Pooja, usually after the sunset.

It is believed that she comes to households during this time to usher in wealth and prosperity to all. Among all other rituals performed during the Pooja, Diwali aartis are a must. Aartis are special prayers where melodious songs are sung to please the God or the Goddess while worshiping.

During Diwali, special aartis are sung by almost all members of the Hindu family, in the honor of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. These prayers form an intrinsic part of Hindu culture. Melodious tunes have been prepared for these aartis and this marks the culmination of the grand “Laxmi Pooja” during Diwali.

When these devotional songs are sung, a divine environment gets created all over and everyone gets stirred with spiritual thoughts in mind.

Some people sing bhajans during the Laxmi poojan in Diwali. These two are not the same however. Bhajans are devotional songs that can be sung at any time during the year, but aartis are special prayers that are chanted during pooja only.

The most popular aartis that are during the Diwali pooja are the Ganesh aarti, Maa Laxmi Aarti, Shri Ram Aarti and the very popular “Om Jay Jagadish Hare” song. No Pooja in India can begin without worshiping Lord Ganesha. He is believed to banish all obstacles from one’s life if worshiped from heart. Before the Laxmi pooja in Diwali, Ganesh poojan and subsequently Ganesh aarti is done to inaugurate the process.

After that, in order to please the Goddess, Laxmi aarti is sung, which makes her shower wealth and prosperity to one’s life. After the Laxmi poojan is over, the members of the family sing aartis and chant other “mantra” or hymns to honor her. People also worship Lord Rama during Diwali because he is the most admired deity among all as he is considered to be an ideal man, the most obedient son, a perfect husband and a loving father. Every man of every household wants to become like him. Being considered as the epitome of mankind, he is worshipped extensively through The Rama aarti.

One cannot imagine completing the aarti sessions without singing the very famous aarti called the “Om Jaya Jagadish Hare”. Being one of the most famous aartis of all times, every Indian Hindu is aware of the tune and can join in the group when the song is sung. The tune is composed by Pandit Shardha Ram Phillauri and it can highly fit to other lyrics than the original one. It is known to be inspired from the Gita Govinda.

Any Pooja is incomplete without aarti being sung to please the deity being worshiped. We must sing aartis with utmost dedication and devotion to invoke the God while we worship to appraise and admire the Almighty so that he bestows his blessings upon us. This will help us to seek his blessings for a better and a happy life in future.


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