If you think that Diwali, the biggest and brightest of all Hindu festivals, is celebrated only in India, then you have to recheck your knowledge, as the vast, enriched ethnic Hindu culture is has been able to stir the sentiments of people across the globe.

The Indians, especially Hindus, staying abroad, perform all the rituals of Diwali festival because they feel that makes them tightly knit far from homeland. They clean their houses, light lamps, burn crackers and enjoy in the same way we do here in India.

Diwali in United Kingdom: Diwali is celebrated with equal zeal and enthusiasm in UK, as Indians are the second largest ethnic group in the country. The extravagant celebrations of Diwali are visible in Leicester where every devotee visits the Laxmi temple, burn incense sticks and crackers, light lamps, blow conch shells, eat special sweets for the occasion. Though the weather of November is unfavorable but that cannot kill the religious sentiments of the people celebrating with friends and family.

Diwali In Australia: The country is famous for displaying massive fireworks, and Diwali is all about that. So the Indians there get an opportunity to celebrate it with gaiety and pomp. They light lamps, prepare sweets, worship goddess Laxmi and thus exhibit the rich cultural heritage of our country.

Diwali In USA: Thousands of Americans witness the massive celebration of Diwali in the USA. Houses are decorated with beautifully designed clay lamps, or a series of colorful electric lights. Indians staying paint handmade rangolis as well. They gather at the community hall on the eve and burn fire crackers with sweets and snacks distributed to everyone present.

Diwali In Mauritius: Diwali here is celebrated to commemorate Lord Rama’s return after exile. The lighting of earthen diyas, burning crackers, distribution of sweets and snacks and above all the quality time spent with family and friends- all remain same like in India.

Diwali In Nepal: Diwali is known as Tihar here and people celebrate all five days where they worship cows, dog for first two days, apart from Laxmi puja on the third, followed by worshipping Yama on the fourth and Bhai Duj on the final day.

Diwali In Malaysia: Except in Sarawak & Federal Territory of Labuan, the Hindus here celebrate “Hari Diwali: which signifies the victory of good over the bad. Malaysians perform the same rituals and traditions like Indian-oil bath, visiting temples, offering prayers, burning crackers, lighting earthen lamps with coconut oil to worship Lord Rama’s triumph over Demon Ravana.

Diwali In Singapore: Diwali is celebrated in the Sera goon Road in Singapore because mostly Indians stay here. People decorate their homes with flowers and garlands, light lamps, visit Hindu temples to offer prayers. They burn crackers and enjoy the festival time with loved ones.

Diwali In Indonesia: Good to know that even in an Islamic country like Indonesia, Diwali gets celebrated with similar warmth and dedication. Bali is famous for the celebration and the same rituals and customs are followed like Indians.

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