Cruises in Miami are one of the best ways to celebrate your New Year and make it truly memorable. The clear blue water, the golden sea, surf and a clear blue sky to top it all will give you an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

There are a number of top class Miami cruise agencies that specialize in providing quality facilities to meet the requirements of a wide range of guests. Typically, most cruises to Miami are between five to nine days, while the most popular ones are a week long. They offer a wide range of onboard activities as well as visits to great coastal locations like Nassau, Great Stirrup Cay, Cococay and Grand Cayman.

Activities during a Cruise to Miami

You can indulge in a lot of activities once you become a part of a Miami Cruise. The wide array of onboard activities is one of the greatest attractions of these cruises. Activities are designed in such a way that they are able to please all age groups. There are a number of fun and play activities for children. A cruise is great for romantic and wedding holidays as well, being particularly preferred by couples on honeymoon. Some of the activities for romantic couples on the cruise include games and candlelight dinners and special dance parties.


New Year Messages

Star Cruises

Star Cruises is a luxury cruise operator to most part of the world. Star Cruises in Malaysia a reputed name in the world of luxury cruise holiday planners. Representing a finest class of luxury holiday planners, Crystal Cruises have generated tremendous name and fame among its guests and visitors. The cruise operates in most parts of the world, such as Alaska, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Panama canal. Star Cruises with its world-class service offerings become the first choice for celebrating New Year vacation for couples, family, and friends. Experience a pleasant New Year celebration with Crystal Cruises.

Onboard activities also include a large number of group activities, which create a unique sense of bonding among the cruise members. The fleets of most cruise-liners are extremely well trained in medical and first aid services, and any medical condition is paid attention to immediately. Safety is guaranteed when you travel on a recognized and popular cruise.

You get to stop at some of the most fascinating locations on the Caribbean during your cruise to Miami. Nassau is a very popular destination. Its old colonial style architecture, aquariums and other historical spots make it a top sightseeing destination in the Bahamas. Some of the other popular destinations have great beaches, which are ideal to soak up the sun. You can also get a taste of the local culture, including food, music and hospitality during your stop at these places. Usually, all these services are included in the cost, and you can engage in a hassle free exploration of the islands.

Top Miami Cruise Services

Cruises to Miami are extremely popular, and the season from the Christmas to the New Year is the best period to undertake this tour. A number of highly reliable and well known cruise companies offer Miami cruises at this point. Some of the most popular cruises in Miami are:

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)
Royal Caribbean (RCL)
Carnival Cruises
Crystal Cruises

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