Paris is among the most spectacular travel destinations, which are complete with the most modern world-class luxuries and comforts.

The cruises in Paris demonstrate extreme level of warmth and hospitality. While you are in Paris during this New Year opt for a a luxurious cruise in Paris. This is among the hottest ideas you have ever tried. These cruises in Paris offer their guests a unique way to celebrate the new Year.

Avon Scenery Cruise

Avon Scenery is one amongst the most superb class Avon fleets offering unique cruise experience to the passengers. It can comfortably accommodate 138 passengers. Avon Scenery tries its best to offer maximum services and hospitality to each and every passengers.

Tahitian Princess Cruise

Tahitian Princess has got years of experience offering the best service and hospitality to the passengers. having earned a strong reputation among the tourists and holidayer around the world, Tahitian Princess has been successfully catering to the needs of the tourists coming to Paris.


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River Baroness Cruise

River Baroness cruise ship represents a different class of luxurious cruises in the world. River Baroness is among the most reputed cruises in Paris that can comfortably accommodate 140 people. Complete with all the amenities and facilities of the world, River Baroness lets you experience a totally different meaning of cruise tour.

River Princess Cruise

River Princes is a wonderful cruise in Paris that has 65 cabins and 4 suits. The cruise has 140 passengers, which are complete with all the amenities and luxuries of the world. the cabins in River Princess are about 150 square meter in area that ensures complete freedom. For a romantic cruise experience in Paris opt for River Princess.

Viking Seine Cruise

Viking Seine is a huge empire floating on the water. it has 76 cabins in total out of which 28 are standard and 48 are deluxe cabins. Each cabin has private bathroom and shower, A/C, TV, and more facilities. The cruise invites tourists from various parts of the world to experience the best cruise experience in Paris.

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