The New Year celebrations are always observed with certain customs and traditions. Explore the Lunar New Year customs followed by many of the countries all around the world.

Lunar New Year customs are followed by Chinese and Koreans. Only these two countries calculate the New Year as per the moon based calendar. There are many traditions and rituals practiced by them during the celebrations time.

Lunar New Year traditions

Worshipping the Kitchen God – The New Year customs are based on the Lunar Calendar. Kitchen god s worshipped on 23rd and 24th of lunar December. God residing in the kitchen is called as the Kitchen God. People who follow the lunar year believe that every family has Kitchen God who guides and protects the family from the evils.

House cleaning – The entire house and shops are swept and cleaned. Each and every corner of the living area is cleaned and washed. It is believed that this would bring good luck and fortune to their homes.

Sacrifice ceremony – It is Lunar New Year tradition to arrange family dinner and gatherings during the New Year time. The Chinese hold a worship ceremony and offer sacrifices to the heavenly Gods and ancestors.

Feast on New Year – The families in Japan and Korea prepare special dinner which is called the ‘Family reunion dinner’. All the members and close friends are present in this gathering to enjoy the scrumptious meal prepared for the last meal of the year.

Staying up on New Year Eve – Among other customary practices the Chinese people stay up on the Lunar New Year. The elders follow this to show that they are really cherishing the moments of festivity. The younger ones stay up for longevity and good health and the children enjoy the fun moments.

Lucky money – All the elders of the family present lucky money to the younger ones. It is one of the major traditions of Lunar New Year. Parents and Grandparents give money during the family dinner to the children. It is ritual to secretly keep this amount under the pillows after the children fall asleep.

Family Visits – During the New Year celebrations of 15 days the close friends and families visit each other and exchange gifts and cakes. It is Lunar Year tradition to give money to the children on these days.

New Year decorations – The homes are painted red which is beloved to shun the bad evils from entering the house. Lunar New Year includes portraits of Door Gods, paintings, paper cuttings for the windows and Chinese knots. Earlier days it was lighting up the candles but, lanterns and bulbs have replaced it. People adorn their homes and shops with red paper lanterns, flags, festoons and tiny bulbs.

Luna New Year greetings – It is a very important Lunar New Year customs to call all the relatives and friends during this time. This is one of the welcoming wishes conveyed to all the near and dear ones.

Fireworks – Greeting the New Year starts with the setting off firecrackers to display the spring festival. With the bang and illumination of fireworks, people rejoice the announcement of New Year.

Hope you enjoyed the New Year celebrations and gathered information on the Lunar New Year customs.