The governing zodiac of this card is Capricorn. Also, the number 15, according to the principles of numerology, equals to number 6. The 6th card of Tarot is the Lovers » in this card the lovers are seen chained » they are enslaved by the materialistic world and by sensual pleasures.

The card portrays a half human half goat Satyr dancing to the music of the pipe. He holds the pipe in his left hand. In many mythological stories, the goat is considered to be unclean and lustful.

Also, by goat what is conveyed is the concept of scapegoat. This rightly brings out a side of human nature that prefers to put the blame of evil whenever they commit something that is wrong or unacceptable.

The darkness relates to the depth of unconscious where the Devil dwells. The chain in the right hand of the Devil is attached to the collars hung around the necks of the lovers, represented by naked human figure, one man, and the other woman. The hands of the lovers are free, but they do not attempt to free themselves from the bondage. This says that human subjugation to evil is mostly voluntary.

Upright Position:
In most cases the card is considered to be a negative one. It represents the extremes and the unrestrained. The Devil indicates subjugation to addiction, temptation and lust which generally bring upon not so desirable outcomes. The Devil is actually a warning of the result of mindless action. In relationship and marriage the card is believed to have some positive significance.

Reversed Position:
Reversed, this card indicates liberty from negative influences and creating something positive and constructive.

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Major Arcana
Chariot Death Devil
Emperor Empress Fool
Hanged Man Hermit Judgment
Justice Lover(s) Bateleur (‘Magician’)
Moon Pope (‘Hierophant’) Popess (‘High Priestess’)
Star Strength Sun
Temperance Maison Dieu (‘Tower’) Wheel of Fortune

Minor Arcana
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Eight Swords Eight Batons Five Coins
Five Cups Five Swords Five Batons
Four Coins Four Cups Four Swords
Four Batons King of Coins King of Cups
King of Swords King of Batons Knight of Coins
Knight of Cups Knight of Swords Knight of Batons
Nine Coins Nine Cups Nine Swords
Nine Batons Queen of Coins Queen of Cups
Queen of Swords Queen of Batons Seven Coins
Seven Cups Seven Swords Seven Batons
Six Coins Six Cups Six Swords
Six Batons Ten Coins Ten Cups
Ten Swords Ten Batons Three Coins
Three Cups Three Swords Three Batons
Two Coins Two Cups Two Swords
Two Batons Valet of Coins Valet of Cups
Valet of Swords Valet of Batons