Can you imagine a Diwali without decorating your house and surroundings? This festival of light and sound is the best time to experiment with innovative ideas, to create the perfect ambience for celebration and also for new look to your home. Creativity is central to such decorations – be it traditional or trendy! Here are some ideas:

Lamps or Diyas: lamps are indispensable part of Diwali and home dcor is incomplete without them. You can be innovative this year and plan to make earthen lamps from clay by yourself. After that you can decorate them with different colors and arrange them in a row on your balcony, or lawn. Some people make Diyas from flour as well.

You can also purchase various types of earthen, aluminum or brass Diyas from the market, with wax inside instead of ghee or oil. Nowadays you can get Diyas decorated with beads, motifs, sequins etc and are available in various shapes and sizes as well. How beautiful your home will look decorated with such Diyas! During Laxmi puja you can use the Panchmukhi floral lamps or decorate your puja rooms with Diyas having Laxmi-Ganesh embedded on them.

Candles: if you wish to give a trendy look to the Diwali decoration this year, go for those beautifully decorated lanterns and aromatic candles, replacing the traditional Diyas. You can make arrangements for a big pot filled with water and flowers or rose petals and let the candles float on it. You can add some glitters to make it look bright. To be more creative, you can opt for candles designed on the mirrors, which will look dazzling when lit up. Won’t they give your home a charismatic look?

Torans and wall hangings: You can bring those attractive torans specially designed with swastika symbol or mango leaves for Diwali decorations. These are usually used at the entrance of the home and are considered to be holy during festivals. When hanged, they create a perfect ambiance for celebrations. You can also decorate a simple toran with bells, beads, mirrors, other decorative, and fashionable items to give a new look to your home. Beautiful wall hangings are available especially for the occasion in the market. All you need to do is to search for the one that dazzles your eyes.

Diwali Rangolis: It is the soul of the Diwali celebrations. Carried over for centuries, these traditional floor paintings made of colored powder, rice flour pastes, colorful sand and limestones are equally popular even today as an integral part of home dcor. You can make the traditional designs of holy symbols like mangal kalash, or shree or swastika or be innovative in your own way. You can decorate them with vermillion powder and flowers of different colors. Put a lotus shaped Diya at the centre or place them all around as per the design and see how it gives life to every minute of the celebration!

Flowers: You can also decorate your home with flowers and colorful garlands. That will be innovative as well as create a festive ambiance all around!


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