Looking for that perfect drink that adds the zing to your New Year’s celebrations?

We have the best options for you. Here are some drink recipes that range from the all-time favourites, to new takes on classic mixes, just try these flavourful, savoury mixes and get the party started.

  • Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail:

The traditional champagne cocktail gets a kick with the use of a sorbet of your choice. To prepare the drink all you need is a teaspoon full of sorbet and Champagne or Prosecco

Preparation: Take the teaspoon of Sorbet in a glass and add to it the Champagne, stir well and your simple yet delicious drink is ready.

  • Lychee Martini:

Adding a fruity twist to the regular gin martini this drink is a Party favourite. You will be needing canned lychees, drained syrup and gin.

Preparation: Take two Martini glasses and add to them one whole lychee each. Pour the half a cup of gin and half a cup of drained syrup into a cocktail shaker along with ice, shake well. Serve immediately into the martini glasses for a refreshing taste.

  • Red Currant Champagne Cocktail:

This bright and elegant is a delight to behold and easy to make, all you need is two tablespoons or red currant puree and Champagne.

Preparation: Make sure that both the pure and champagne are perfectly chilled, now all that you need to do is take the puree in the champagne flute and fill the glass with champagne hence, pouring it slowly. Your drink is ready to be served immediately.

  • Berry Little Cocktail:

This delicious blend of juices and liquor is easy on the eyes and smooth on the taste buds. The ingredients that you will need are sugar, a cup of fresh cranberries, one ounce of grapefruit vodka, two ounces of champagne, one ounce of cranberry juice and one ounce of black currant juice or puree.

Preparation: the first step is to take water and sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and stir till the sugar dissolves adding to it the cranberries that should soften in about five minutes. Once the cranberries soften, take the pan off, drain the liquid and placing the cranberries in a baking sheet, place them in a freezer to freeze for at least two hours.

Once the above things are done, you make a blend of Vodka, champagne, cranberry and the black currant juice. Pour the blend into a champagne Flute. Now take a skewer and string at least four to five frozen cranberries together and garnish the drink with it. There you have it your very own Berry little cocktail.

  • Cognac Sparklers:

This smooth mix of cognac and apple cider is perhaps one of the most fuss free combinations that are a treat to taste. All you need is an ounce of cognac and a cup of sparkling apple cider.

Preparation: Take two champagne flutes and pour into them half an ounce of cognac each. Top the drink off with half a cup of sparkling apple cider and garnish the drink with few strands of bitter to add a subtle flavour.

  • Raspberry Choco-Kiss Cocktail:

The mere sound of mint syrup adorning raspberries and laced with liquor starts spelling heaven. To create this delightful cocktail you will need Mint Syrup, crushed chocolate cookies, around 10 raspberries, a quarter vodka, cranberry juice and the ever essential ice.

Preparation: The first step to preparing the drink is to fill a dish with the mint syrup and another with the crushed cookies. Invert a martini glass into the syrup and then the cookie crumble, coating the rim of the glass with the two

In the second step, you place raspberries in the shaker and crush them, adding to them the mint infused syrup crushing it again. Now that this is done, add to the pulp some vodka, cranberry juice and some ice, now the shake the shaker well. Now pour the mix into the coated martini glass and serve chilled immediately

Now that these eclectic mix of delicious drinks have been introduced to you, get to making them and let the celebrations begin.