The Four of Cups card portrays a young man sitting under a tree. There seem to be no locality nearby - so the man has chosen a spot far away from others.

The background is of azure sky and lush greenery - no turbulence is there in the environment. The man seems to be deeply engrossed in thought, as if he is meditating. There are three cups at his feet on the ground - these cups represent worldly attractions.

There is a hand jutting out of the cloud offering the man another cup. This cup represents spiritual offerings. However, the man does not seem to pay attention to any of the cups. He is thoroughly preoccupied with his own thoughts.

Upright Position: The card holds two interpretations. On one hand it tries to point out that for spiritual attainment one has to be totally oblivious to external influences. On the other hand it also warns that if a person is too engrossed with her/himself then the person misses the opportunity to tune in to the offerings of the world including the love and compassion of fellow beings. In a reading the card may also suggest that the subject is bored of her/his current status. Perhaps the seeker is taking all that she/he has for granted.

Reversed Position: Reversed the card predicts action to change the status quo. It suggests moving on for if the subject was dissatisfied with what she/he had, change should be called for. It may also suggest isolation from peers for being unable to express innermost feelings.

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