You always wanted to spend your New Year in very different and exciting way. New Year cruises in Scotland brings you the most adventurous and entertaining moments of celebrations and attractions.

The New Year Cruises in Scotland are available for family, group of friends and chartering groups also. You would be really happy to spend some memorable moments with your beloved on this magnificent barge for New Year.

Scotland Cruises for New Year

Scottish Highlander – The Scottish Highland is popularly known as Hogmanay cruise. The trip is spread over four days and three nights for people who want to enjoy New Year celebrations on Scotland cruise.

This is one of the most beautiful barges with a capacity of eight passengers. The interiors of the cruise are very exquisite with tartan furnishings and landscape paintings. You would feel very comfortable in this spacious boat as, it offers all the top facilities onboard.

New Year Messages

She is furnished with eight bikes and a personal tour guide to make the local sightseeing more interesting. On boarding you would find four suite cabins with choice of single or double beds. You can enjoy the best cuisine – salmon, game, venison and seafood at very reasonable prices.

Some of the very exciting activities on this barge are – fireworks, wine tasting, deer spotting excursions, traditional music and lots of Scottish local games.

Magna Carta – One of the most magnificent barges of Scotland New Year cruises is the Magna Carta. The trip is spread for nine days and eight nights. The journey starts from the 24th of December to the 2nd of January. Here you can enjoy a full week plan and feel the enthralling Christmas and New Year bashes.

Plan your tour on this luxurious vessel which has a capacity of eight passengers. You would be taken on a breathtaking journey to the British Isles. The interiors are well planned and furnished with traditional barge hull combined with mahogany, oak and teak woods. You would be astounded to find saloons, dining areas, exquisite furnishings and the sun deck on this incredible New Year cruise.

Magna Carta is known for its most sophisticated amenities and newest technology based construction. It includes air conditioning, well equipped heater, spacious contemporary suites with all the star facilities. On board there are eight bikes and a tourist guide to make the sightseeing more enjoyable. Each suite is provided with TV and DVD players for personal entertainment while you are relaxing in the cabin.

Dining options are multiples as; the Master Chef prepares some of the best mouth watering cuisines onboard. You would definitely take pleasure of the pristine attractions in London while you sail through England.

Prime destinations of Cruises in Scotland during New Year

  • England
  • Scotland

You have to make the arrangements well in advance to enjoy the plush services on the fantastic New Year Cruises in Scotland. The bookings are taken from October month onwards and it is better you get the suite confirmed. No extra guests or bookings are given for accommodating the barge.

Hope you enjoy this extravagant beauty of Scotland and explore the incredible destinations of England and Scotland.

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