New Year cruises in the Bangkok city revolve around the Chaophraya River. All the cruises on this river let cruisers dive into the mood of New Year jollifications that pervades in East. The massive cruise ship lets you swirl around the whole place through which you witness stunning views.

One gets to encounter the sparkling edifice of Oriental Hotel and the Temple of Dawn undoubtedly mounts the delight of those who are fond of spiritual spots. Moreover, the elegance of Grand Palace enchants all enthusiastic cruisers in a grand manner.


Other than the eminent sights, there is lot more to the surrounding scenery of luxurious buildings that can be viewed on the crowded riverbanks. When we talk about luxury, the grandeur of the cruising ship becomes the first discussion thing. The inherent musical bands infuse rocking music in the entire atmosphere of the ship. All New Year cruises in the Bangkok city have nice provision of such musical crews. The nonstop music of such crews lengthens the time limit of New Year parties, which are quite capable of shaking cruise ships. Every New Year buff on the ship comes forward to be a part of the ongoing party. The massive assembly of exited people dances the night away and welcomes the morning of New Year.


New Year Cruises Attraction in Bangkok City

Moreover, the exquisite variety of New Year cuisines makes all the party participators drooling. Seeing the preferences of cruisers, the dinner arrangements of the ship undergo flexibility. The setting of dinner tables in the open space has become a very appealing trend of all New Year cruises in the Bangkok city. And when they are complemented with candlelights, the pleasure of having New Year dinner increases. One of the best cruises covering the Chaophraya River is popularly known as Wanfah Cruise.


It begins at about 6:30 in the evening and keeps you rolling till the midnight furor of the New Year. Another illustrious cruise of Bangkok is referred as Jakkaew Cruise. It starts with its jolly ride at 9:30 in the evening and overfills the cruisers with galore of fun in the three hours that let everyone usher into the New Year. So, enjoy sailing through the Chaophraya River of Bangkok and greet the New Year along with the cruises of the Bangkok city.

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