If you want to make a lasting memory of celebrating this New Year’s Eve, raise a toast with a flute of champagne as the clock strikes twelve on December 31st while enjoying the spectacular harbor views that Boston has to offer.

Away from the chilly Boston night air, the cruise would also offer you spectacular view of the jaw dropping fireworks that are organized by First Nights in the city since nearly four decades now from the comfort of your cabin.


Whether you want a cozy celebration for two, or a harmonious one with your family, or a wild one with your friends, there is a cruise that will cater to your likes and needs. Elegant or whacky, affordable or luxurious, entertaining or intimate – you are free to take your pick.


Fun and Fireworks along the Boston Harbor: Every year the rich cultural heritage of Boston and the city’s winter charm are flaunted by a nonprofit making organization which is lead by a group of artists and culturally inclined citizens. This is known as First Night. At midnight this family friendly party organizes a mesmerizing display of fireworks. If you are booked for a cruise, the Boston coastline would give you an unhindered view of the beautiful spectacle.


Dining and Drinking: If you are a foodie, you shall get ample opportunity to satiate your adventurous palate for Boston cruise lines offer some creative nibbling options. Starting from appetizers to entrees to dessert, the spread on offer will surely impress you. If you are not so passionate about food or are a small eater, you can opt for cruises that offer food only upon request. But in that case you should be prepared to pay extra for the food you consume. As for drinking, most cruise lines offer complimentary glasses of bubbly at midnight. Apart from that some include alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, while others offer cash bar where you can pay and buy the beverage of your choice.


Entertainment: No party is complete without music and dancing, especially when it is on a New Year’s Eve. Depending on the theme of your choice, the DJ may offer you intimate soulful numbers to cling on to your partner as you move your bodies in harmony or fast party tracks that would let you set fire to the dance floor.


Tips for Hassle Free Enjoyment: Boston is not a very large town. As such, the parking space that the city can offer is also limited. Add to that the fact that there will be a huge crowd gathered on the harbor side, even if all of them have not opted for cruising on New Year’s Eve, for the harbor side presents an awesome view of the city’s sky-line when lit up for the festive season. It would be best to avail public transport to reach your destination. Buses and subway services are offered even on the New Year’s Eve. If you are new to the area, it would be best to get a map and public transport brochure in advance that would help you to time your travel and know your route. Also, you should check if there is any specific dress code that needs to be adhered to for the cruise you have selected.


Some Popular Cruising Itineraries


Name of the Cruise
Additional Details
New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Dinner Cruise Entertainment Cruises, Odyssey $179 / $189/ $209/ $219/ $259 (depending on the package, taxes and surcharges extra) 9pm to 1 am Family Friendly – welcomes guests of all ages.
Departing from Gate B, Rowe’s Wharf.
Paid enhancements are offered – e.g. – Roses for your loved one, Photo on board with frame, Special Menu, etc.
New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Dinner Cruise Harbor Cruises $129 8-30pm to 12-30am Eligibility – 21+ yrs.
(taxes and surcharges extra) Departing from Long Wharf.
Cash Bar
Non Refundable
Reservations Required
New Year’s Rock the Boat Fireworks Cruise Boston’s Best Cruises $95 9pm to 12-30am Departs from Marriott Long Wharf.
(taxes and surcharges extra) Offers hors d’oeuvres, a complimentary champagne toast and party favors.
New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Dinner Cruise Entertainment Cruises, Spirit of Boston $149 9pm to 1 am Sumptuous Buffet, DJ and dancing, unhindered view of First Night Fireworks, Complimentary champagne to toast at midnight, Enhancement options.
(taxes and surcharges extra)

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