Are you planning for a cruise trip during the New Year? New Year mini cruise, organized by different cruise lines are there to help you. These mini cruise trips for New Year offer you an excellent opportunity to spend the New Year in a new and relaxing way.

These mini cruises are affordable yet they offer everything, which you can get from a lavish New Year cruise trip. You can have all the information about the New Year mini cruise online. There are many leading cruise lines, which offer mini cruise trips for New Year. Most of these cruises offer package tours. Some of the best cruise trips are mentioned below:

Stena Line: It is one of the best and most popular ferry operators in the continent of Europe. This cruise line offer a largest number of destinations and routes. This cruise trip covers North Sea routes, Scandinavian routes, and Irish Sea routes. This cruise line offers separate offer for different economy classes. For example, Stena Line offers Economy, Flexi, and Premium packages.

Economy has the lowest fare. Flexi fare is made for those, who are not sure about their trip. Premium fare offers you the first class treatments for you. The New Year cruise offered by Stena Line starts around the duration of New Year.

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Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries is one of the most popular ferry companies in European continent. This ferry company offers several cruise trip through out the year, however, during the New Year too, this company offers a number of mini cruise trips. You can select the destination among Portugal, France, and Spain. This ferry company offers one of the most conventional fleets and it offers more than 50 percent to the Western Channel routes. However, the most popular route, offered by this cruise line is between Plymouth and Portsmouth, Poole, and France and Spain. You can have discounts on off seasons.

Condor Ferries: This ferry operates mainly in the UK. This ferry company offers services to Western France and Channel Islands. This ferry offers south coast ports to Portsmouth, Poole, and Weymouth, Channel Island ports to Guernsey and Jersey, and Western France ports to Cherbourg and St Malo.

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