There are a number of activities, which people want to do during New Year and Christmas. However, among all the New Year plan options, the New Years eve cruises will be the most exotic and fun. You can go for a private vacation and at the same time,   can go with your family and friends to enjoy the New Year bash.

If you want to spend this New Year eve in a different way with your family and friends around you, New Years eve cruises are the must have experience for you this New Year. There are a number of cruise lines, which offer cruise trips for New Year eve. Given below are some of them:

  • Circle Line Sightseeing New Years eve cruises: Circle Line Sightseeing New Years eve cruises offer a full bash for your New Year celebrations on the cruise. The four Circle Line boats offers a full New Year package for 120 dollars. The offerings, which this boat trip will give you, include hors d’oeuvres, fireworks, party favors, and an open bar for the entire night. You will also have a champagne toast at the juncture of the passing and new year.


  • World Yacht New Years eve cruises: World Yacht New Years eve cruises offer three hours cruise tour, which is famous for fireworks exhibition. Apart from fireworks, you can other facilities such as champagne toast, dinner, open bar, party favors, dancing, and music. You have to pay 350 dollars for one person. The cruise will start at 10 PM and end at 1 AM in the night.


  • Zephyr New Years eve cruises: Zephyr New Years eve cruise, one wing of Circle Line’s New Years eve cruise, offers a lavish celebration for the New Year. This cruise line starts by the evening and end until the morning of New Year. You will have multiple of facilities during your trip such as DJ entertainment, favors, open bar, fireworks, hors d’oeuvres and many more. You will have to pay 209 dollars to have this wonderful experience on the New Year eve.


  • New York Water Taxi’s New Years eve cruises: New York Water Taxi’s New Years eve cruises are the unique way to spend the New Year eve. You have to pay 120 dollars for each person. You can get a number of facilities in the cruise such as hor d’oeuvres, champagne toast, rich music, cocktail, and open bar.


  • Amberjack New Years eve cruises: If you want to view the New York city in a different way on the eve of New Year, you have to opt for Amberjack New Years eve cruise trips. If you want to see the city on the verge of New Year from the waterways, this cruise will be ideal for you. The trip will start from Chelsea Pier at the evening around 9.30. You will have a buffet dinner and an open bar for the whole hour long. For all these, you have to pay 175 dollars.


  • Affairs Afloat New Years eve cruises: Affairs Afloat is a floating night club, which offer an amazing New Year bash. You can have the facilities such as a champagne toast, an open bar, snacks, fireworks, and music and dancing. You have to pay 126 dollars for one person while if you book after December 15, you have to pay 144 dollars.

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